What more can I say than just thank you? Lol Thank you to all who read/commented my interview on CUK. I blushed...literally at all of your kind words. This plate I have infront of me...is a huge one. I sometimes feel like I have too much on it. Or as my nanny says "Your eyes don' got bigga than that stomach I see" Lol Of course I try not to be rude and take some off to put back but...yea, self-doubt tries to fit itself on this plate sometimes too.

If you're tardy...it's coo, navigate Here

like Beezy said!

So being the humble mumble driven lad I am...I simply tell the waitors "No thank you...I have enough of ideas on this plate...self-doubt will just have to be passed on to the next one."

Yup. Thanks! I know of many with great ideas and well put together plans and I just encourage you all to be humble...take one vision at a time and count those blessings! Who would have ever thought the small quiet-shy girl that sat on the right side behind the cabinet and stuttered when her name was called would be on the come up?

Smh...I tell ya...these strange things...

I'm starting to take my mother's advice...to keep marchin' to the beat of my own damn drum.

Driving in the A

Ok so im studying to get my Ls finally. Like I gave up on driving illegally and the parents wasn't feeling the idea of it so of course my car "Apple" is still parked outside...lonely. My baby just sits there...quiet and bored, giving me the sad face. So this week I'm figuring out these signs aka studying. Mari said the test isn't that hard but...um...she's had her license for about 20 years in counting. :/ Hasn't shit changed since then? Lol jk. Honestly...is Atlanta ready for me to be in the skreets with my Ls? I have to remember to practice on my illegal ATL signature u-turn too. Everyone knows all Atliens make illegal u-turns for the hell. Lol

Prepare to see Apple on the Peachtree streets...


Ow! So yea yea, I've put a pause on the sneaker collecting due to this vision and the over-flood of false faces who started collecting after the word "hypebeast" was existed. Anyway, along with sneakers...so came the pause on threads. C'mon now...you in HellzBellz now? Stussy? MOB? Supreme? pshttt 10deep? Whateva! Over it. So after about two months of searching for something different with streetwear to keep me attentive it was a woomp woomp sit chu ation. I was disappointed. Thinking..."Damn! not only have sneakers, my love, fooled me...so has the threads!" Til I came across a blog...and (Regina voice frm Steve Harvey) "BAM!" There was the "Once upon a time" story I needed before I fell asleep on contributing my dolla' to this culture ever again! My new favorite line to lead the blind...Cookie-Cutter!

Now I was on a spending diet but as an "addict", it's hard trying to step foot out of the culture. I f*ckin love this crew, not because of the look but the concept behind it. Hmm the concept behind the whole line itself and the creator's intentions is just damn swell. Procedes from purchasing products of CC goes to a charitable cause. C'mon now how many lines you know doing that just for the hell today? CC is down with promoting positive self-esteem with youth today.

"So much hype around designer labels begs the question -- do people really appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of high-end design? Or do people just want to buy these labels because it’s what society tells them they need? Cookie Cutter proudly promotes the union of skirts & sneakers, Canal Street & Rodeo Drive, Fendi & flea markets, carbs & Atkins."-CC

So of course I'm trying to get ahold of the surgeon behind this...emailed her once but since her blog hasn't been updated since last month I now realized she may be a hard find. Which is coo thou!

Idk she just made me realized if you have a passion for something...of course a trillion will have that same passion too. Half of that trillion will consist of false numbers. Shit just happens? However, if your passion for it is that deep you can never turn your back on it. Maybe look at it sideways...but never turn your back.
I've been married to this culture for five years now...and it's too funny because I've cheated and walked out on it so many times. Hmm...but it's still here. It just have a bunch of hoes after it.

Streetwear aint dead!



i absolutely FEED OFF of Heatherette!!!!
[momz got me this cuuuute dress & pair of shorts recently & i cant get these 2 faboulous men off my mind]
simply yummy for the tummy
luv'd the interview CHAS, u always inspire ME



ahhh. its been a while..since ive been here.. today..one of my closest friends.. (throughtout hi skOO nd then some) told me to check out the interview.she had with a correspondent from the comeupkids website. http://blog. comeupkids. com/lolasmallsdarling/...it was really touching..toOo see what she had to say..nd honestly..even though she is not what we all imagine..she is much more..nd i respect her for that nd..then..some.. iknw we've had these ups nd downs.. it happens for every life..in todays AMERICA..its just a relief.. to see someone..is actually backing up their "SHIT!"...

its sooOo many.. out here.. ON THEY OWN DOING THEY GROWN..BUT YET?..

i myself.. will soon venture..out too see ..what more am i capable of..besides matching outfits..nd few trix.. with my words.. id love to speak.and yet be heard..

hmmm.. 2008.. that sounds..goOod bOOo.

nd if n.e. thing else. i want you to knw.. im soOooO proud of u!

LoL 0_O


Unofficial Graduation videos

Videos from Kanye's album listening party back in September 07. I haven't seen all of them but my favorite so far is the cuts from Akira put to Stronger. The rest of the videos have yet to leak.




GOOD MORNING 2001 from kwest on Vimeo.



I used to hate even the simple mention of this character, but i have since done an emotional 180. why? first off, becuase there are several rappers that are credited for the popularization(yes it is a word, spell check it) of Atlanta, T.I. who represents the westside of atlanta, OutKast from eastpoint, Ludacris from the southside, Jeezy from macon..but I'm from East Atlanta/Decatur/zone 6, there really hasnt been an East Atlanta representative. Gucci cant say East Atlanta 6 enough.secondly, he aint that bad if you listen to him. I mean sure he cant dress, and he's not very articulate, but he's brilliant...by mistake.



enjoyed my bday, even though i wasnt home[roomies made it pretty good]
on another note: goin thru sum things more so bad than good, but im hanging in there!

HOME SWEET HOME for GOOD in a few weeks, ready to get on that GRIND

applied for an internship & still got the GUESS job & the Body Shop wants me back BUT im not too fond of "working for others" so we shall see where this will go!

i must say MARILYN brightens my day COMPLETELY

Doing the Hokey Pokey Til I Turn My Life Around

2AM Caught off guard. Uncut no edits, new errors.

Hmm, and I've might of seen you...then fell asleep.

Then giving you Life.

............stay tuned.

pstt psttt myspace.com/fruitmaterials



I've been working on some magic today...while waiting for a friend to swing by and buy my books. They're collecting dust!
Exhibit A.

Now watch me make this disappear...


...you watching?

...still there?




Exhibit B.

Gone...just like that!

Ian Fleming.

Mr. Fleming, was the creator of the illest series ever, most commonly recognized as the story of Agent 007, James Bond. To date, there are 21 James Bond films the first of which being Dr. No, the last being Casino Royale, my favorite being Goldfinger, but I am yet to watch all of them. James Bond serves as the role model of choice to those who know better than to model themselves after a modern day icons. He is good with the ladies, his cars are the illest, his gadgest are unmatched, why would anyone want to be like anyone else? I speak of him in the present because he is still alive, and I have knowledge of his death occurring in the near future. My birthday's tomorrow, the collector's set of all 21 films would be one hell of a gift.







I shouldnt have left you...

...but I did, and I'm sorry. In the illustrious words of the young Shawn Carter(emphasis on young) "The tensions of life became too thick for my sober mind to cut through..." my method of defeating that tension landed me in a whole heap of shit. SO, I ask that you turn your head at my absence, love me with your mind rather than your heart, and take heed to this illshit that I so selflessly dish to you.




Wishing TAOS very own Darnesha(b.starr)HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! I want cake! and I bet' see you soon! Enjoy your day today you two!

Also Happy Birthday to the Siz :) still up for that Dr.Suess movie?!

FROM: me


Eargasm: I'll Die

This song literally made me leave my last relationship (along with "Slowly Surely")ha! Blah blah. Damn music and it's influence is so powerful. I wonder why it's not used towards education?



One word,


Hmmm readers...I hope you are ready for the return.

All I can say now.

"I'll take the Honey Roast Rabbit please"

Easter Sunday was too funny, especially in church. I'm convinced I won't see those people til Easter 09'...hmm at least they came. It was hot ass hell though! After church it was time for the fam and I to change clothes and be on our way. Hmmm the private Easter dinner that we attended that evening was too cute and elegant. It was an invite only event...filled with god times-only to celebrate the Resurrection and a birthday. I simply love a quiet lavish lifestyle.

Among the attendees was the stylish Benjamin Andre' himself in a blue suit, yellow tie, and bright smile who sat a table away. It was no need for me to snap pics, I granted him his privacy and he always seem to pop up at the parties "Ma Benjamin" throws. Besides, everyone was too busy enjoying each other's company and the music. I did manage to get his son (bc he walked in with the bday guy) when snapping pics of the bday guy...his red plaid pants were just too cute! lol Clearly he's the next style watch to look out for..

The dinner was very Up To Par. Got some footage on my phone because we started acting too silly with the electric slide, random games, and the reminiscing of the good ol' days we all shared with each other.

This is definitely a lifestyle I choose to keep private however I always love sharing bits of good moments with this "crowd". I actually grew up with these people and the gatherings are always the same. Immaculate and Up To Par.

And you know it was BLACK! Cmon now lmao what you know about Koolaid in champange glasses?!?!

Too funny!

p.s. Madison Beaumont was there as well...lookin like diamonds.


Eargasm: When I hear this in the club...

I realized...freal freal, he's talking about me. lmao IGGNIT!

And how cute we are when we dance to this...?! *Ahem* J.Phil

9:00 AM...we we're moving...

The Feds (my mom) is SO serious about us being on point for the big Easter dinner tomorrow. So at 9AM this morning it was mandatory for me to go pay a visit to Ellenwood at my nailshop hangout and get the brows waxed. Why must beauty equal pain? My Asian homegirl damn near RIPPED my face off,smh. However...I am cute-r for Easter! Lol

The Feds decided to accompany me because she wanted to go to the grocery (sigh) she makes me so nervous behind the wheel. She kept complaining of me driving too fast or the music being too loud. Mind you...she's the only one who drives too fast with the music too loud.

Grocery store for us is like...

I had to make sure I got all the goodies!

This week choice of cereal was tough :( I mean...I love the Mini Wheats but I couldn't pass up the Special Edition!

I can never go shopping and not shop for my sis as well...just doesn't seem right,

Then we we're ALMOST done...this was like halftime's results

Lol it's like 5 of us to the household and I can never see how my mom does it weekly. It always means getting 5 diff. cereals or different ice creams, juices, types of water etc. This is the only type of shopping I really love to do...shopping for clothes is NATHIN compared to shopping for food! Lol


6:00 AM and IT starts...

Remember in the beginning of March I told you I had some goodies for you? Well some plans did delay (on my behalf) HOWEVER, those goodies are still coming! The next few weeks I will add on more to F|M, my "business", through a more personal outlet (because of legal reasons...hmmph I'm looking to sue if ANY idea is copied). So bare with me...all I can do now is ramble ramble but hey! that's what blogs are for right? It's been a long wrestle with my vision and I...so let me be the FIRST to tell you before you read it in my future interviews, I DID NOT THINK OF THIS OVER NIGHT. For now, I can honestly say I am the only contributor to this vision which makes shit harder. Not really complainin' about it just taking advantage of that ol' saying, "If you want something done right...do it yourself." And that's what I am doing. NO, you won't see me with 40+ in the streets reppin' this hard (and not getting anywhere. NO, you won't see me ass-kissin' others to be down with this. And HELL NO, you won't see me talking this up when I know shit is eye level. This is NOT a dream. I nap but never sleep...so dreaming is out of my criteria. I'm up 4AM, 5AM, and even 6AM sketching...doodlin' ways to bring this monster to life. Creating it is something my birth date came late to do...so that's where innovation kicks in.-sigh- And this investing thing...with my boyfriend, "Money", smh don't even ask. He's a cheater, manipulator, and low fella. "Money" and I hold hands and...(regina voice frm steve harvey) "BAM!"...he's gone..on to the next slip. He keeps telling me to hold on...invest in what we have but as soon temptation for his cousin "Material" starts knockin' I'm trapped. And now, "Money" and I is really trying to settle down at a young age...hence the status on my facebook, "it's complicated". Bare with me. So once again just to refresh your brain...

Program this image...hell, even right click and save if you want! Because this image will be seen more and more as the days grow.


It's GOOD Friday!

So I leave you with this...the cutest married couple, my parents. Always going out being the sophisticated socialites they are,smh. Too cute in their casual wear...after twenty plus years of marriage their love is never old. I love it! My mom went to go get her hair done...the manicure/pedicure...sip of wine with her gals for lunch. My daddy did some last minute shopping...went to go get the haircut...washed ALL of the cars, the suv, and his trucks today. I love EBPs! Mom was not cooperative with me for trying to snap pics while getting ready, smh but Daddy never lets me down!

What he wore

They did NOT have to do this...ugh!

I have yet to see my daddy miss a door for us in my lifetime.


Lmao my parents are a trip...they left bumpin that Keyshia Cole cd as if it came out yesterday. Black love...gotta' love it!

Enjoy the weekend! and Easter :)



The idea of Benjamin Franklin ever being president!
Ugh it urks me that people are so about "making money" or have that "C.R.E.A.M." mindset and know little about it! WTF. Like my mom always say "Educate yourself first then talk about it".

Do not speak of obtaining Dead Presidents [like] Benjamin Franklin in the same sentence ever again! NOW you know! He was never a president...but he did lend help to several presidents.:) Honestly America was a little lazy with this one Lol he just contributed alot of good ethics to the country so of course when you die...your fame begins right?

Real shit, America should put me on a dollar bill right now! >:) Or :( I'll just stick to telling folk' Susan B. Anthony was my gr gr gr greatttttt aunty or something.

I lowkey try people though...especially guys on first dates. I always ask, "So which dead president is your favorite to obtain?" (Sigh) Of course I get the same answer..all..of..the..time but hey who to blame!? "I blame Viacom!" lmao

So now you know! ;)

GOOD READ: FaceHunter

When it comes to no words needed ...a picture, itself, only saying a thousands words...a thousands ways to express fashion...I think of facehunter! I kid you not when I say I was on their blog for 2 hours straight. Grits!


It's worth browsing the latest trends and bends in my opinion!

I didn't want to spoil your eyegasm by posting a picture here...so do yourself the favor and visit it's blog and site.








6."PACIFIC" for specific

7.the use of EFFECT as a VERB

8.the use of AFFECT as a NOUN



Stolen Pic: PMxBad Hair

"Am I NOT a mess!?!"

However, I always produce the best smiles when I am a mess. Lol Stole this pic from PM's blog because it is TOO funny. Kelly got mushed for two reasons by me. 1) For her hair lookin' worse than mine. 2) For that "orange thing" she was rocking LMAO.

I had so much fun this past weekend with yall! That cake fight between Ken and I was classic forreal. Cake ended up all the way down the halls due to her long chase after me. I was just too fast...cmon you know I have the legs of Bee! (lol)

Kelly and her "orange things" ...pls work it out. I love you, Im so your bust it baby..stop front'n when I do my "bust it baby" talk for you. You're rude...btw.

I slept with my boo (get your mind right)...I just love spending the nite with him, we're so funny. Between his New Orleans accent and my Jawja loudness its hard to differentiate who says what...that's too cute to me!

Rhayne was a lil stingy with the oreos and pizza pockets. Hmm fatty.

You can find more pics/good words here

Fruit Basket...I'm learning to keep my hands covered.

Purchased these about 20 minutes ago. I didn't really want to pay the price considering I might only wear these once, but I'll show you what I'll do with them next month. :)

An April "early".

Eargasm: AAries

Today via strangeTunes. Click for your tease.

I hate how imeem has 30secs peak. ugh, but you get the point.


This Race with Race Pt II

Smh smh. According to America...Obama was a member of a "racist" Black Church. Gross! Since when were Blacks or anyone of color granted that opportunity?! Ha! Four hundred years (and counting) and America tries to reverse all of them by shamlessly pulling a coward ass race card (on their behalf) with Rev. Whright of the Trinity Church of Christ. Get the hell on. This so called issue is a prime example of why I do not and will not dream in America.

I really do not understand why there is so much controversy towards the views of Rev. Whright? Especially when his congregation does so much for a community that is strong in numbers...educate yourselves here white folk'! So I guess everything that is Black owned and ran is now racist too huh? Since when was being anti-America racist? Then again, who am I foolin'...America also once painted (with the same hate brush) the picture of Black Panthers being "racists" too. *rolls eyes*

And if these logics of "Black racists" existing were actually true, could this one situation be any lower than McCain's friend...the radio host that actually spoke at his campaign and boldly made racists remarks towards Obama on t.v.? (Mind you...Rev. Whright never said his views on America were also the same exact views of Obama.) I shake my head to most of my "cousins" (white folk').

Ha! Then I witnessed Bill Clinton stating, "Race in either candidates has not been an issue..." Clinton seriously wtf...are you watching this race? Clearly you are not... but good way to tip-toe your words around that tongue to avoid biting it.

This shit only allowed me to reminisce on one of X's speeches I read in the seventh grade called "Racist in Reverse".

So I'll just leave you with this bit...

"Brothers and sisters, if you and I would just realize, that once we learn to talk the language that they understand, they will then get the point. You can't ever reach a man if you don't speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can't come to him with peace. Why goodnight! He'll break you in two, as he has been doing all along. If a man speaks French, you can't speak to him in German. If he speaks Swahili, you can't communicate with him in Chinese. You have to find out, what does this man speak? Once you know his language, learn how to speak his language. He'll get the point, there will be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed. You've been in this country long enough to know the language the Klan speaks, they only know one language. What you and I have to start doing in 1965, I mean that's what you have to do because most of us have already been doing it, is start learning a new language. Learn the language that they understand, and then when they come up on our door step to talk, we can talk."

Honestly, it's always 50/50 thing with X's views and mine. Some days I cannot stand my "cousins" and some days I'm like some of my "cousins" aint (..lol yes) so bad. Hmmm...guess I'm a "racist" too huh? Amerikkka get the hell on! UGH and for the first time...I actually agreed with Al Sharpton and Lawd knows I cannot stand that Black man. Smh.

And how dare ppl want some type of apology or explanation from this? Fuck that! I'll probably lose some of my taste for Obama if his announcement speech tomorrow tries to calm these white folk' blood...literally. C'mon Obama...you better pull a Malcom and speak of that "White Disease". Ok let me stop...I'm being "racist." I just hope Obama doesn't play the role of token Powell. Ha!

I forgive my cousins (sigh) for confusing Black liberation with racism. Smh.

p.s. But hey! "Lu Ann" (lmao..insider..smh@my daddy) feels quite at home with the Trinity Church of Christ (eventhough sometimes...Im convinced my "cousins" do not know what to say...UGH! lmao I wonder if she clutches her purse when visiting the Trinity Church of Christ). (view below)

Over IT!


Dear Spring,

Fuck you ...for this eye-infection or maybe allergies. You're not even here yet but your white magic is already taking it's toll on me.

Adult Swim: Metal..metal..metal

I know Im not the only one who watches this;

Latenite, shows like Deathklok & the Metalocalypse has my full and undivided attention. It's so weird too! I feel guilty when I watch this show because the random thought of "You're going to hell" just gets comfortable in the back of my mind lmao. This show is my guilty pleasure, Im so intrigued by the killing of their fans, the lack of personality, and the hardcore metal performances...it's crazy. This show also scares and excites the hell out of me at the same time. My favorite episode was when it was ol' guy's birthday (you know the one that looks like a white Al Sharpton) and when he was just doing some wild ish like playing the bass with his "nuts". Cra-zy. Gnite.


Stolen Pic: Leon...CustomFADE

Everytime I go to my boo's un-updated blog I laugh so hard at this pic. "Flaws and All" is hated by the boo and I in a way we love it so much too. He loves to imitate and do better than Bee with this one. lmao And when it comes to "acting" (something Beyonce CANNOT do...sorry Bee i love you but it's the truth) Leon gets it done. Bee those weren't real tears you attempted at the concert for "Flaws and All"...these were...


RE: repost "Bust It Baby"

The homieChad posted this on his blog like 2 weeks ago and I thank him. I was lost for words...then respect for these confused ass broads. About half of them are pregnant, seriously. However, down for whatever....for Plies!

Forreal? lmao forreal? Suck and kiss? At the same time though? Leon you need to invest in "her". The skinny one was my favorite though, she was westside...lee st. material. Ow!-sigh- If only they were this "down" for Jesus smh.

(sigh) Tyra mix


Why was tyra so serious!?

Found myself singing this

at Mcdonalds though.


Kelly you still pregnant?

I'm looking forward to your baby shower this Sunday. Eventhough you have no clue who the father maybe atleast you have a circle of three friends who care. Jeremy, Rhayne, and Ken cares. That's "sweet"...freal. Wait...could he be the daddy?

I can't wait to see yall Sunday lmao with that "P-cake" (all homo). The End.

And this will be back to normal soon.

So don't be in dismay. *shrugs* I have the right to be a lil lazy sometimes, honestly, I think I deserve the right to be lazy sometimes. See you next week. Have a great weekend.


so yea, it has been a while since my fingas have allowed me to UPDATE.

{school keeps me busy & i've been put in totally awkward situations this week}

BUT im here to vent and whine about how much im fiening to drop out of school and just TRAVEL and learn new ways of living outside the U.S & learn new cultures. I want nothing more than to live in another country.

Another NOTE: can't wait until im finacially stabled, so i can adopt maybe 1 or 2 kids who are facing poverty.

{why does ANGELINA & BRAD go outside the country to adopt kids when the poverty rate here is much higher than any other}

Most people say that im crazy for wanting to do this, but it would definitely brighten my day!

DRY ASS DAYTONA is NOT wasup y0!

it doesnt feel like the city, the people are from earth here[im NOT], i cant have coldstone ice cream when i want it.....ughhhhh[call me DRAMATIC] but whatever lmao
well there is a M·A·C yummmm!!!!

missss u mucchh CHAS


Chill A$$ Chas

Lol I cannot even fib with this one, I have been doing absolutely nothing this past week. Literally...nothing but running small errands and chit-chatting. This week has been so boring and not to mention my life in Conyers. I did catch up on some reading though and small visits with old friends. I kind of miss the porches too...so my alternative now is our back deck. It's either the futon or the deck I am chillin' on now a days. School is ridiculously far...like...the end of May. Hopefully I can do some traveling in April, doubt that shit though, so I won't even talk it up anymore. I'll just wait until June. And you ask...what have I done for you lately?...Whatever.

Say You S***r

Hmmm I really don't know where my obsession with European style comes from. I'm never around others who are attracted to the same nor even heard of the labels I crave. Maybe I should start talking about it? Instead of getting those awkward questions like "Oh, what are those?" and me replying "I don't know" lol. I need some white in my life too. Well spring is near and I have yet to do some shopping for me me me. I S***r these will be my next tie-up pairs...

Grant 26 white leather perforated

Dean 76 white patent

Sam 5 white synthetic leather

also an older style, Dean wingtips...I am looking for these (first) in my size.