Rodney King Riots From '92

Breathe-taking footage.we often hear stories of situations like this in 3rd world countries but not usually in the States...i couldn't imagine something like this happening today, but with the Bell Shooting, the streets may erupt again soon enough. Its amazing what anger can drive level-headed people to do.



Alphabet Soup Thoughts


Just stay strong in the fight! :/


SO yes i'm finally HOME!
i will be having a lot to talk about SOON, my internship starts on Thursday & im am also an employee there as well, which is a double blessing!

i do what??? LIVE FOR THIS MAGAZINE!!!!



"Strange Fruit"

Why some unemployed chick (that's what I've been calling grown asses with nothing better to do lately..."unemployed")...msg'd me via myspace trying to school me on what "strange fruit" really means. And she was so forreal...too bad the feeling wasn't mutual.

(Over myspace)

I replied back "Lol" to her msg simply because I was living at the time. (hums) "...yet nobody knows your name."

On that note, I deleted my myspace again LOL sry sry...It's like BET to me. However,


Still waiting "Queen" (coleman) for you to work that voodoo of yours on FM's page.

(hums)..."Come...and get your life queen"

Oh and you know my fullname...so just facebook me. *middle finger*(Not with those apps thou!)


my friend.since grade schoOl.smh..
i love her!!!




Speaking of Khia lmao

She actually types...and to me that is funny as hell. Her blogs are hilarious. No, forreal...I laugh for about 5 minutes then become sad as hell. Like she's too old. However it's "Promotion peopleeeeeee promotion." I hate N...

Still goin' hard on Trina...I found this on Khia's page.

And I know I didn't win ALL of the spelling bees in school but damn can we spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

p.s. IGGERS!

wtf pt2 Uhhh Robert, You're rude.

Im gettin' tired of N...




GoinAPe Mixtape by Stalley

Definitely what music needs right now!

This is family here and with no exaggeration, Stalley's new GoinAPe mixtape is something to get familiar with. The message behind each song made me fall in love with each track. And of course he's doing it for the people!

Delivering music is all about being able to reach out to a whole and make them feel you with ALL five senses. And as the deliverer, it'll take only common sense to make that happen. Stalley keep givin em what they wantttttt.

Click the banner!!

or download your free copy here:


:( wtf

but RESPECT IT!...as Khia would say?


Dear Skanty: Polyganize Me (sp?)

It's too early but I have a yoga/movie meet starting at 9AM. So wake up.


However I made Polyganize up but not this story! lmao

This whole Polygamy puddle is too funny! This is a soap forreal with no ending but far better than Passions. It's sick. I'm sick for following the story but hell my predictions were true! So it begins...

I literally laughed my ass off when I heard that some bored heffa' probably pranked call this whole thing. And as I was giggling...and then some, I found out it was a sista and yelled "Oh hell!"

Wait til I find her picture! Smh lmao tooooo funny.

Til then watch Nancy...you know she mad and ready to gut a skant's guts out with her beak. She is so rude...and if she shows those twins of hers one more 'gain pls be in tune for my call at 8pm up to the network.

I have no problem with this skanty mess...yall know how crazy ppl are, why ppl acting brand new to this? However...this camp needs to be shut down until they start paying DAMN TAXES!!! GAS IS TOO HIGH for me to helping out old filths in seek of a lifetime movie premier!!!

p.s. Eyebrow waxes are all on me for the 300+ of the poly wives...tell Lynn I sent cha'.



No No...I did not delete you from my myspace. :( Do not ever think that! Hmm I just made a new one. Feel free to add...


However, I am trigger happy with the "Deny" button. Ugh myspace is on some skanty mess. Clearly I am there for networking but some fall short when trying to comprehend that.

Guessing their brains are a tad dry too.

Where's the water?

Back to Reading

Ok this week I will be on the prowl for a new book to read. Any suggestions? Let me re-phrase that...GOOD suggestions? All are welcomed. Lol

My brain is feelin' a lil dry...so yes, it needs some water.



speechless to your prescense...
and empty inside of your hands..ive had all my tears and
this is the last of my plans..
ive worked off the pain kept so deep within
hard as gravel and soft as skin
there is only emotion between you and i but nothing more
i find myself constantly trying to find new things in my life.
but i just cant seem to let go of the old..
im just drowining in his love..
full of deceit and embedded with the remorse of heartache.
he is my love.. and all i can take..
ive wrote so many of what use to be..
and now i just pray..that i can find me..
Soaked to the fullest what seems to be the sea..
but just like the salt..the tears are only me..
...there is much more for me to conquer...
but for now..he has taken over my soul.. could i call you anything else but love?
youve promised me anything and given me everything but regret..
lOVE is a loOsing game...is this the reason i am upset?
i think that everytime theres a cloud in the sky..my stars can never shine.
ive been so confused, so hurt, so blind..
what should i do?
this is all of me im pouring out to you..
giving up my heart..to become new
ive cried, and screamed..making this love..
not what it seems..
making your touch ..as real as my dreams..
give me this kiss to endure..the last of my rain..
i rather.be seduced..then to feel your pain..

i love.

Happy Birthday Chong!

Today is my dearest good friend's birthday. And as always she was gorgeous lastnight!

PF Chang's was sweet! Crazy you swell job with the gatherin'!

And as always...Rhayne had me laughin the whole night smh. You are "soW"!

Anywho...check pmqn.wearethenow.com for more pics ugh and horrible shots of me. Lastnite was too funny...or maybe it was the drinks that keep me laughin? Idk.

Hmm and since you are sitting to the right to me (in the comp. lab)...Look a person down frm me...she is HUUUGE :(


Bow in the presence of greatness!

A shot from Kanye's glow in the dark rehearsal. It looks just like the sky, don't it?



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ok I'm back early :) Don't worry you have missed NATHIN! I haven't been up to much just getting my narrow behind back into school and doing some last minute tax filin' (lol).

So many good things are to come! Let me refresh you:

This weekend should be tastefulllll :) One of my favorite favvvvvvorite gals birthday is coming up!

My sister is soon to be a Spelman Alum. I am oh so proud of her!

Oh and yea...my favorite twinkle twinkle little star (as she mentioned before) got her internship!! :)

I'm so happy/proud.

I told you...life is easy!


the internship....

YES! i am EXTREMELY happpy to say.....
i got the INTERNSHIP with Tracy-Nicole
finals this week & next, so look forward to a pretty nice update SOON



I LIVE FOR......


spring 2008 yummm

Hii - Liite

of my day....



I cant for the life of me figure out why this duo are not at the very top of everybody's "favorites" list. They are my favorite group after Outkast. I used to get dressed to "Lord Willin'" in the morning in elementary school. I was dumbfounded because they were making references to shit that i would later on hear about in class. They represent the hoodest of hoods but yet, they speak so eloquently about their travels and experiences in far away lands with a conviction that made me feel that they couldn't be lying. I cant flex, at 12 years old i was like "fuck firefighters and superheroes" because i wanted to be like them. Name one rapper thats still making records that you can honestly admit that you want to be like? Soulja Boy? Fuck no...not even Wayne. Wayne is a genius in my opinion but I don't want to be like him. The worst part about it all, the Clipse dont sell the most when they drop. "Lordin Willin" went platinum but "Hell Hath No Fury" did not, and it was just as good, if not better. I mean the hit is amazingly good. Go out and listen to HHNF and tell me that shit ain't amazing. From the instrumentals to the wordplay to the concepts; all were just ridiculous. Long story short I hate to see people not get the recognition they deserve especially when i know there are people getting recognition that dont deserve it. Not to mention that I am the most extravagant connoisseur of fine rhyme one can encounter, I must have millions of mixtapes stored in my mental roladex, the illest of them all is "We got it for cheap vol. 2" if you haven't heard it, then you haven't heard a mixtape. Vol. 3 was just recently released and it was good but Vol. 2 is simply amazing. I swear I am not receiving a dime for this shit. My Conscience has been twisting my arm, something had to be said.



Just give me 2 weeks

I'm just a little down now and have been told last night "it's ok to cry". Most things are swell...some are not and that is when I catch myself. This may be a selfish thought but I feel as though I should be 100% satisfied in life on my own satisfactory scale.

Don't ever let anyone tell you...you don't deserve everything you want in life. Just make sure you respect your family, be kind to everyone, help out others, trust God only, and keep things moving...

So I am out of reach for two solid weeks.


Love you, ttyl.






and i feel the same for L.A.



(anonymous) thats what we'll call him tOOday..

"i like you soOOOO MUCH...." - girl
"do yyoou.. i like you too" - boy
"yeah ii do" - girl
"cOoo..lets chill sometime?" - boy
" OK :-)!!!"


"why the fuck you got a hickey on your neck?!!" -girl
"Ooo..IDK...i dnt even like the girl" - boy

idk..juss had to get that one out..it put a drought on my day..
why do i even bother????
im soOoo frustrated.. w. some of todays.. generation..but in other news..

- im watching t.v. with SEBASTIAN..a.k.a. momma..

nd guess what comes on?



Chilling.. :-/?!!!


MAY 14TH!!!! Ooh yea..im cOUntin DOWN!!!


Nigo's Crib & Collection


Eargasm: Love Is You

Song that gives me chills sometime,

Dig with a Q-tip in this one. I love how she twists the song into another direction...from lover to lover...to you needing love...to you being love.

Whew, that's all we need...some water and love.