Round II Better View


Originally released in 1982, CazalxDita, said what the hell lets do it again! So now the very limited 902 collab is back. The style was discontinued in 1996...fourteen years later after its release in Germany. The style is now available in limited quantities of red (250 pcs), yellow (250 pcs), gold (500 pcs), and black (500 pcs).


Via the shoe game.

This Is What I Need

Since I am still without my license, can someone just buy me a driverless car? or maybe trade me for my car?

This of course is a prototype but still...I wouldn't mind it. Technology is getting crazy.

Pacing myself: Time's Ides of March

February is coming to an end! So fast (duh since it's the shortest month) but it flew by so fast! Which is a good thing though because I have some realllly upcoming goodies for March that is surely worth the wait. So if I come up short on a couple of days, I'm sorry. I'm in the mist of new life, home, and freedom that is all coming so fast! My three month break is coming to an end (which is great) and now it's time to be about business. So an early good morning to March.

PM was so Up To Par Lastnight!

I love how we do it not planned! Lastnight black+white, satin, bowties, pearls, frames, and even alcohol seemed to get the best of us! However, when I say we were Up To Par in two clubs at once (yes...im serious) we were! And I had me a boyfriend lastnight too (not pictured) but of course we lost touch of eachother in the mist of everyone's high. :/ We left the leigon at 1AM to party (thanks Kelly) but I do not think it would have been any better if we were on time. I loved it!Check for more pix at PM's blog/site later on!

P.S.I am so mad/glad I seen my boo Darnesha (bazarrstar) lastnight! Didn't even know she was in town :(


This Race with Race

FIRST: If you are eligible...please exercise your right to vote...DAMN! Register to vote like you register your time for other things.

To Tread-
The more and more I read and watch into this...the more and more I realize it is going to take a full course meal plate of miracles, a few blessings, a couple of prayers, and a glass of support for Barack Obama to win. And he will. This 08' election has allowed me to re-evaluate my own rationalities to why I'm voting for this candidate and whether my reason is clear-outcasting the worry of Obama having protection or insurance with his skin tone ("Come on somebody!"). Then again most could careless when it came to politics and on their behalves I will say it takes a lot of reading and thought to think wise in this situation. In other words, it's hard work and since America itself is a none believer in hard work...the achieved awards that tax payers receive is failure, stress, and a hopeless future. I do not understand why there is lack of interest in voting...pretty sure it was made for me not to but still it annoys me. Whatever...I'll just play my role.

To Run-
...but with this race with race, I'm more disgusted than surprised. One of the latest reported "race lashes" to Obama was by some radio host that is pro-McCain (forgot his name...I was more into his speech)saying shit like "this shouldn't be no Kumbyah special". My sister and I could not help but laugh because the way he said it was so dumb and how could I could I get mad at stupidity? So of course I am not talking about the reported bias garbage the media feeds to us when mentioning a race issue because clearly that shit is not new. I'm more so babbling on the color blind racism that we...my people..us...are comfortable with viewing. The vital ways America justifies racism without appealing to be racist is also what we...my people...us are comfortable with hearing. I did support Mrs.Clinton once, and I do agree with a lot of her views but lately as the heat rises her lashes at Obama are becoming very personal. My source: her latest speeches. She'll soon join that American team to race with race upfront.

So audience, keep the thought in mind to now think like a voter. It is important now if not ever to use your ears as your eyes and your eyes as your ears. In other words...READ, stay updated and analyze. Why is that so hard for us?

And no, I do not care who you have or will support in this election...but I will boldly state who I have and do support because this is my blog. Do vote...

2/26/2008-I got punched in the mouth

Hurts. I had an early visit to the dentist today and it is amazing how hell can also be in the form of some drills and a bright light. It was almost a love...hate visit though, because of course through a little hell there is always that light right? The wait was a lil dredful so like always I started playing with all of the tools before getting caught.After about seven painful shots in my mouth to not feel pain at all (numb) came drills and my hysterical over amp'd dentist working his skill and trying to hold a conversation with me at the sametime. I'd say after the fourth shot I started to become under the influence of dizzyness. The whole setting was a bit strange too especially my window view of outside with the giant tooth planted in the grass smiling. I thought to myself, "This would really scare a child." Anyway, the pain was crazy but my dentist is a wonderful guy and apparently a Beyonce fan. We tried to (because again, he was conversing while I was hurting) talk about the sneakers I was rocking and our mutual love for Beyonce as he basically punched the hell out of my mouth. There we go...I was punched in my mouth because that's what it felt like, shit. However, the result...was Heaven. Perfect smile :)


Keyshia Cole's MomxWTH

Hands down when I say Keyshia's mom, Frankie, made last season's show. Just looking at her makes me giggle. It is already sad that this show had my friends and I asking for her sis, Neffie, at the Georgia Toll every morning (after discovering her employment there) but her mom gets me every time. Sometimes I am embarassed for Keyshia when I see Frankie...then again I'd love to be around her, she's comedy. Not a believer? Ask 107.9 and Griff...

Check out the Rihanna cut too, freal?

I feel sorry for tomorrow...

Everybody shits on tomorrow; "Tomorrow's never promised", "You're always a day away"... the average year contains 365 tomorrows. Nobody thanks tomorrow for being consistent and on time. But in the rare occurrence of death, when tomorrow doesn't come for that one unlucky person, all of a sudden tomorrow is just never there...ain't that fucked up? Give tomorrow a break!


I want one...


*hint hint*



I told Satchel I was going to sign up for it, on some e-slip motive.

& I did. Lol only because I love the commercial when it first comes on..."Mmmmm yea yea yea...Mmmm yea yea yea."

He claims I am an e-pimp, so I surrender and say I am. lol E-boos from east India to west Avenue here in Atlanta.


Now I need to find me an e-boo in DC so we can have an e-wedding with some e-kids. Ok...maybe I need to stay off the net for some days, it's ruining my social life.

sidenote: I'm joking. :)

Wait, one more...

Still here, but today I also realized how short my legs are too!lmao...but then Chante' said this chick's ponytail was "stingy" with all seriousness and that just made me smile in all randomness.


"Don't hate boo boo"

Says the random ass chicken head next to me that's conversing with her suspect friend. She is so G..H..E..T..T..O! "Ay you remember that pic of that yellow shirt and dem green shorts you took of me!?" I started to answer for her friend "Hell no." She is mad at the Apple computers for not working. She's soooo loud OMG I do not attend the same school anymore yet she still insists on asking why I do not have classes with her again! Her friend looks slightly weird too..idk is it the 11 yr old girl hairband or her suspicious presence of B.O. ? *Shrugs* Lol I think her friend just seen this too! (her glasses are "MAD" thick).

Hello to Mari eventhough you do not read this blog!
Lol...good day & be right back in a few. Heading to my leigon.

p.s. I'm wrong for this...but I wanted to make my friend Rhayne laugh, we've been out working hard today with shopping.


So That Flashing Lights Video Is Officially Not A Trailer...

But its still dope. Its inspiration is rumored to be from a James Bond Film. Which one u ask? Diamonds are forever; very appropriate. James Bond movies are ALWAYS dope.



4 ft Kaws Companion

(the black figure in the background)
No word on its availability, but a similar release from kaws last summer sold out in minutes, and they were priced at 2500usd. Kaws is dope, this would be some nice shit to have in your home.


Head Porter Shit




very ill shit,
I bought some similar shit from a couple seasons back, i might go in on it again. Head Porter is more popular for bags and luggage, but as u can see, they're ill with apparel as well. The hoodies will run you about 230usd and they're not sold in the US, so good luck.



Tom x Erykah

We here at TAOS apparently have an eye for future successors. The decision to make Ms. Badu Artist of the month was made in January. We couldn,t have been more right. February has been her month. She was just recently named as the face of Tom Ford's new Fragrance, which hasn't been named yet. Judging from Tom Fords last fragrance campaign, I'm sure that Erykah's will be interesting. This is a nice sized step in solidifying her position as a legend(which she so rightly deserves).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A shot from Tom Fords Last Fragrance campaign




Strange Fruit's Nu Amerykah Review

Finally, what I've been waiting for...my ears to this album. Yes, I am a couple days early better that than tardy.Because it's been nearly a ten year wait for some grits from Badu since Worldwide Underground wasn't really pushed by her best ability since she had just given birth during that time (but that album did sell over 600,000 copies). So,I did not want to be on CP time with this one. Nu Amerykah, just one of few of what Badu has prepared for us. And I kid you not-I played all tracks three to four times before pushing pause to nap for a bit. For the lyrics and understanding...it was worth every repeat. Here are my mini chronicles:

I. The title: Nu Amerykah
"I named this album 'Nu AmErykah' because I'm dealing with whatever is to come instead of what was" she goes to say ""In taking on a project like this, I'm taking the responsibility to talk for my race and my planet. I'm sure the record company will make their money and they've given me the blessing of time."
Loved it. I feel it, the first couple of tracks you'll see the concept behind the title. What a great time and idea to introduce a title like this...very necessary

II. My favorite tracks-
Hmm, would have to be "Telephone","Soildier",and "Honey". I played those (especially Telephone) more than three times. Im still trying to get a better understanding of "Master Teachers" so...yea, if anyone can help me with that hit me up I am a lil young.lol

III.The craft-
Definitely has Badu's signature feel to it. As a lyricists she's never been better. It most def leaves you hungry for more. I did get the vision of the reach out to America as a whole but touching grounds with the Black community. Which is very necessary now with this pastdue war b/s and gov't (NOT because of Black History Month...that shit does NOT exist!) because we are long over due.

My soul is so old for saying that. Job well done Badu! Today is Friday and I know for a fact this will be bumped throughout the house's innercoms by the fam. All grits.

My Rating-
Very necessary.

and yes, I am posting this at 7:05 AM, what can I say..? I have a love for music.lol


The GardenxGood Music: Ayah "Problem Woman" Mixtape

I love good music and you should too. With AyanTunes LP already out (2006) there's more to her story. Ayah..."Problem Woman" Mixtape soon!

Listen and view more here

She needs to be signed...*sigh*

Forums I previously mentioned

Do feel free to join. Click the images. I get tons of laughs from FSF and I am a whore on there with posting sometimes. And SJ, is just a funny community in general so I wouldn't suggest joining unless you can take that heat. Sign on up...
(mainly for chics)


(Wsup Rod..see, I bet you thought I forgot about SJ huh? WRONG! Lol and hey Ebony!)

And speaking of hos...

Nothing new when I say myspace is polluted with them.

I was browsing SJ forums a couple of days back when I ran across a member who has an actual site calling some of you out. It's comedy because for 1: I was not expecting all of that and 2: Wow. It's a lil explicit so young eyes beware, but then again your young fast behind is probably on there. I did not take to the time to view no more than the top post because it was a little too graphic and I rather spend time on something else than another broad. However, this goes to show you really are getting that fame you crave for on the net when you upload up your best cropped half-naked in the mirror shot photo online. Kudos to you hos. Enjoy enjoy. Now turn to ya mama and say "Mama I made it!" (Beware of your surroundings before you visit the link...ha)

Also, Im coming close to deleting the ol' myspace myself.I always find myself laughing and fowarding people's urls to friends because of the extent some people will go on myspace. Sorry Tom, you market 13yr olds very well though. Even people on my own friendlist's get it because they've fell into the trap themselves. Before I do delete mine though, Im going to quote some of my myspace friends pages to provide viewers of TAOS with (a good laugh and..) some examples of what I mean when I say "caught up on myspace." It's comedy...because myspace is not bald-headed when it comes to hos or NOs on there. Oh, and fellas this does not exclude you either, I have saved messages in my inbox where the thirst has gotten the best of your dry mouths too...that I'll be sure to share on my blog. I hope you're reading...:)

From Flashing Lights to Flashing Sights:Rita-G selling the G

And Im not talking goods. Ol' girl from the Flashing Lights video is apparently giving you the oppurtunity to purchase her g-string! A quick 20 and extra change will get you her "natural scent". LOL Plus some shipping and handling...clearly, more handling. I just smh to this when I was on FSF forums when someone posted this, because wow is this what "selling sex" means now? But I won't knock the hustle just any desperate man's dollar who purchases this shit. Im so over sex selling...

Quote from her site:
I've lost count of all the emails saying 'I would pay any amount of money for the g-string right off your butt'. Well, here's your chance. I will wear each pair of panties long enough to transfer my 'natural' scent, but these are limited, not mass-produced. So order them now. I might not be offering that many of them!

P.S. Shouts out to FSF on this too...I love our forum, us gals always get heated on some b/s like this and it's funny. America tell your daughters there's always hope when it comes to a buck and their bodies. *rolleyes*


I know a girl that looks exactly like the grandma from Squidbillies

Im not even trying to be funny, she does. Anyway, I always find myself puzzled by this $hit like...what is going on?

Where are Flava Edges?




Right, he has none. Someone pull the trigger towards VH1,MTV,& BET.

When Style was Style pt II

Style in the 1960s was just...style. Pure proper decorum when it came to lavish fur, wool peacoats, or geometric frames. Style wasn't just four seasons of rotating trends. Style was working with what you had 365 and molding it into your masterpiece. So I sat down with my grandmother today to ask a few questions about style in the 60s and what was the aspiration behind it all then. Here's a sneak:

Me:Wassup my nigggaaa..naw jk, but tell me..what is style to you?
Her:Girl,you better watch it. Style is nothing to me.(laughs)
Me:Nothing..? What? Im looking through these old albums and everything yall wore then was bad!
Her: True, but most of the things we wore then wasn't so much by choice...it was all we had.
Me:Ok, so you're telling me you NEVER tried to make a statement with style or fashion?
Her:Hold up now, they didn't call me "Ruby Scott with the two Ts" for nothing! I made most of my clothes back then, it was my hobby. And that was my statement.
Me:Work it out! I love the big dresses and red pumps in this pic, what this common amongst alot of women during this time?
Her: Oh, that was when I attended Clark. Red pumps became very common between my friends and I. When the weekend came so did our red pumps. (laughs) They were very necessary then.
Me:Cute. So with your style then...how did you manage to make it distinctive among the rest?
Her: Attitude. Being original with fashion and style is like trying to go to the moon. Not saying it's impossible but history repeats itself. Look at yall's generation, we wore that years before. Same with mine then, it was worn years before. So it was my confidence that made my style stand out.
Me:Swell. So did labels ever matter with style then?
Her:Not at all. Especially during the 60s. Unforturnately, we [Blacks] were limited to where we could buy certain clothing. So that's what I meant when I said we wore what we had.However, it was the comfort that made those hand-sewn dresses better (in my opinion) than any labeled one.


When Style was Style

It was just that, style.



Hey Satchel! :p this flyer is comedy!Lol

Work Is Never Done!

Ok so...these last few days I've been rippin and runnin' getting somethings put into work for the good for alot upcoming goodies. Besides "making it work" for Chas, I'm baking and stirring a share with PM in the afterhours. Seriously, we're planning to give the Spring some! That's all I will even dare to share at the moment because I hate talking it up. However note this...Work IS NEVER DONE!

Sleepless days...Peaceful nights, I'm afraid YOUR clock is ticking.


For The TACKIEST Holiday of The Year!

Ha! On the behalf of TAOS I would like to wish all of our lovely readers a Happy Valentine's Day. You won't believe how many misspelled texts I received this morning *roll eyes* lol but I love each and everyone of those senders! As for me, my Valentine's pick is the same wonderful guy every year...my father. He's the only one who treats me daily and not just once a year but of course I do have other V day boo(s) -giggles- who shall remain nameless. So to all of our readers...WE LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU! NOT JUST TODAY...BUT EVERYDAYYYYYYYYYY! MWAH! Now I leave you with the song that has been my ringback for the last 5 months b/c it's so appropriate for today!...finally:


Speaking of those Flashing Lights...

Good Read


"Your fly is open Mcfly..."

For the past couple years, there have been rumors of Kanye having a sneaker deal with Nike. If this is true, he would be the first non-athlete to have one. Rumor has it that Ye would be recreating the Nikes from Back to the Future worn by Mcfly himself. Rumors were flared further when the bear on the cover of Graduation sported a pair of Mcflys and now, Kanye is seen wearing what looks like a pair of Mcflys. Nothing is sure yet.






o yeA......

Woman is the Nigger of the World

He's not racist. Nigger's definition is not "black male",

Open your mind
close your eyes
see with your heart
-Lupe F.


"Um Call Up Co-Co & Tell her how I feel..."

When I think of being elegant on a mobile phone I picture Chanel.

What better way to talk in style ladies? Designed by Fred de GARILHE for Chanel this phone is true proper decorum. No split verbs when conversing on this:

Look at how it opens and closes. Something sexy.


Cover me in Co Co Chanel pearls then call me! $hit.


Is it me??? or does kelis & nas seem as if they have some sort of distance????
or is this just her new best bud???