PM was so Up To Par Lastnight!

I love how we do it not planned! Lastnight black+white, satin, bowties, pearls, frames, and even alcohol seemed to get the best of us! However, when I say we were Up To Par in two clubs at once (yes...im serious) we were! And I had me a boyfriend lastnight too (not pictured) but of course we lost touch of eachother in the mist of everyone's high. :/ We left the leigon at 1AM to party (thanks Kelly) but I do not think it would have been any better if we were on time. I loved it!Check for more pix at PM's blog/site later on!

P.S.I am so mad/glad I seen my boo Darnesha (bazarrstar) lastnight! Didn't even know she was in town :(


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