This Race with Race

FIRST: If you are eligible...please exercise your right to vote...DAMN! Register to vote like you register your time for other things.

To Tread-
The more and more I read and watch into this...the more and more I realize it is going to take a full course meal plate of miracles, a few blessings, a couple of prayers, and a glass of support for Barack Obama to win. And he will. This 08' election has allowed me to re-evaluate my own rationalities to why I'm voting for this candidate and whether my reason is clear-outcasting the worry of Obama having protection or insurance with his skin tone ("Come on somebody!"). Then again most could careless when it came to politics and on their behalves I will say it takes a lot of reading and thought to think wise in this situation. In other words, it's hard work and since America itself is a none believer in hard work...the achieved awards that tax payers receive is failure, stress, and a hopeless future. I do not understand why there is lack of interest in voting...pretty sure it was made for me not to but still it annoys me. Whatever...I'll just play my role.

To Run-
...but with this race with race, I'm more disgusted than surprised. One of the latest reported "race lashes" to Obama was by some radio host that is pro-McCain (forgot his name...I was more into his speech)saying shit like "this shouldn't be no Kumbyah special". My sister and I could not help but laugh because the way he said it was so dumb and how could I could I get mad at stupidity? So of course I am not talking about the reported bias garbage the media feeds to us when mentioning a race issue because clearly that shit is not new. I'm more so babbling on the color blind racism that we...my people..us...are comfortable with viewing. The vital ways America justifies racism without appealing to be racist is also what we...my people...us are comfortable with hearing. I did support Mrs.Clinton once, and I do agree with a lot of her views but lately as the heat rises her lashes at Obama are becoming very personal. My source: her latest speeches. She'll soon join that American team to race with race upfront.

So audience, keep the thought in mind to now think like a voter. It is important now if not ever to use your ears as your eyes and your eyes as your ears. In other words...READ, stay updated and analyze. Why is that so hard for us?

And no, I do not care who you have or will support in this election...but I will boldly state who I have and do support because this is my blog. Do vote...


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