2/26/2008-I got punched in the mouth

Hurts. I had an early visit to the dentist today and it is amazing how hell can also be in the form of some drills and a bright light. It was almost a love...hate visit though, because of course through a little hell there is always that light right? The wait was a lil dredful so like always I started playing with all of the tools before getting caught.After about seven painful shots in my mouth to not feel pain at all (numb) came drills and my hysterical over amp'd dentist working his skill and trying to hold a conversation with me at the sametime. I'd say after the fourth shot I started to become under the influence of dizzyness. The whole setting was a bit strange too especially my window view of outside with the giant tooth planted in the grass smiling. I thought to myself, "This would really scare a child." Anyway, the pain was crazy but my dentist is a wonderful guy and apparently a Beyonce fan. We tried to (because again, he was conversing while I was hurting) talk about the sneakers I was rocking and our mutual love for Beyonce as he basically punched the hell out of my mouth. There we go...I was punched in my mouth because that's what it felt like, shit. However, the result...was Heaven. Perfect smile :)


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