"Don't hate boo boo"

Says the random ass chicken head next to me that's conversing with her suspect friend. She is so G..H..E..T..T..O! "Ay you remember that pic of that yellow shirt and dem green shorts you took of me!?" I started to answer for her friend "Hell no." She is mad at the Apple computers for not working. She's soooo loud OMG I do not attend the same school anymore yet she still insists on asking why I do not have classes with her again! Her friend looks slightly weird too..idk is it the 11 yr old girl hairband or her suspicious presence of B.O. ? *Shrugs* Lol I think her friend just seen this too! (her glasses are "MAD" thick).

Hello to Mari eventhough you do not read this blog!
Lol...good day & be right back in a few. Heading to my leigon.

p.s. I'm wrong for this...but I wanted to make my friend Rhayne laugh, we've been out working hard today with shopping.


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