And speaking of hos...

Nothing new when I say myspace is polluted with them.

I was browsing SJ forums a couple of days back when I ran across a member who has an actual site calling some of you out. It's comedy because for 1: I was not expecting all of that and 2: Wow. It's a lil explicit so young eyes beware, but then again your young fast behind is probably on there. I did not take to the time to view no more than the top post because it was a little too graphic and I rather spend time on something else than another broad. However, this goes to show you really are getting that fame you crave for on the net when you upload up your best cropped half-naked in the mirror shot photo online. Kudos to you hos. Enjoy enjoy. Now turn to ya mama and say "Mama I made it!" (Beware of your surroundings before you visit the link...ha)

Also, Im coming close to deleting the ol' myspace myself.I always find myself laughing and fowarding people's urls to friends because of the extent some people will go on myspace. Sorry Tom, you market 13yr olds very well though. Even people on my own friendlist's get it because they've fell into the trap themselves. Before I do delete mine though, Im going to quote some of my myspace friends pages to provide viewers of TAOS with (a good laugh and..) some examples of what I mean when I say "caught up on myspace." It's comedy...because myspace is not bald-headed when it comes to hos or NOs on there. Oh, and fellas this does not exclude you either, I have saved messages in my inbox where the thirst has gotten the best of your dry mouths too...that I'll be sure to share on my blog. I hope you're reading...:)


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