For The TACKIEST Holiday of The Year!

Ha! On the behalf of TAOS I would like to wish all of our lovely readers a Happy Valentine's Day. You won't believe how many misspelled texts I received this morning *roll eyes* lol but I love each and everyone of those senders! As for me, my Valentine's pick is the same wonderful guy every year...my father. He's the only one who treats me daily and not just once a year but of course I do have other V day boo(s) -giggles- who shall remain nameless. So to all of our readers...WE LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU! NOT JUST TODAY...BUT EVERYDAYYYYYYYYYY! MWAH! Now I leave you with the song that has been my ringback for the last 5 months b/c it's so appropriate for today!...finally:


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