When Style was Style pt II

Style in the 1960s was just...style. Pure proper decorum when it came to lavish fur, wool peacoats, or geometric frames. Style wasn't just four seasons of rotating trends. Style was working with what you had 365 and molding it into your masterpiece. So I sat down with my grandmother today to ask a few questions about style in the 60s and what was the aspiration behind it all then. Here's a sneak:

Me:Wassup my nigggaaa..naw jk, but tell me..what is style to you?
Her:Girl,you better watch it. Style is nothing to me.(laughs)
Me:Nothing..? What? Im looking through these old albums and everything yall wore then was bad!
Her: True, but most of the things we wore then wasn't so much by choice...it was all we had.
Me:Ok, so you're telling me you NEVER tried to make a statement with style or fashion?
Her:Hold up now, they didn't call me "Ruby Scott with the two Ts" for nothing! I made most of my clothes back then, it was my hobby. And that was my statement.
Me:Work it out! I love the big dresses and red pumps in this pic, what this common amongst alot of women during this time?
Her: Oh, that was when I attended Clark. Red pumps became very common between my friends and I. When the weekend came so did our red pumps. (laughs) They were very necessary then.
Me:Cute. So with your style then...how did you manage to make it distinctive among the rest?
Her: Attitude. Being original with fashion and style is like trying to go to the moon. Not saying it's impossible but history repeats itself. Look at yall's generation, we wore that years before. Same with mine then, it was worn years before. So it was my confidence that made my style stand out.
Me:Swell. So did labels ever matter with style then?
Her:Not at all. Especially during the 60s. Unforturnately, we [Blacks] were limited to where we could buy certain clothing. So that's what I meant when I said we wore what we had.However, it was the comfort that made those hand-sewn dresses better (in my opinion) than any labeled one.



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