Strange Fruit's Nu Amerykah Review

Finally, what I've been waiting for...my ears to this album. Yes, I am a couple days early better that than tardy.Because it's been nearly a ten year wait for some grits from Badu since Worldwide Underground wasn't really pushed by her best ability since she had just given birth during that time (but that album did sell over 600,000 copies). So,I did not want to be on CP time with this one. Nu Amerykah, just one of few of what Badu has prepared for us. And I kid you not-I played all tracks three to four times before pushing pause to nap for a bit. For the lyrics and understanding...it was worth every repeat. Here are my mini chronicles:

I. The title: Nu Amerykah
"I named this album 'Nu AmErykah' because I'm dealing with whatever is to come instead of what was" she goes to say ""In taking on a project like this, I'm taking the responsibility to talk for my race and my planet. I'm sure the record company will make their money and they've given me the blessing of time."
Loved it. I feel it, the first couple of tracks you'll see the concept behind the title. What a great time and idea to introduce a title like this...very necessary

II. My favorite tracks-
Hmm, would have to be "Telephone","Soildier",and "Honey". I played those (especially Telephone) more than three times. Im still trying to get a better understanding of "Master Teachers" so...yea, if anyone can help me with that hit me up I am a lil young.lol

III.The craft-
Definitely has Badu's signature feel to it. As a lyricists she's never been better. It most def leaves you hungry for more. I did get the vision of the reach out to America as a whole but touching grounds with the Black community. Which is very necessary now with this pastdue war b/s and gov't (NOT because of Black History Month...that shit does NOT exist!) because we are long over due.

My soul is so old for saying that. Job well done Badu! Today is Friday and I know for a fact this will be bumped throughout the house's innercoms by the fam. All grits.

My Rating-
Very necessary.

and yes, I am posting this at 7:05 AM, what can I say..? I have a love for music.lol


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