Let's Make '08' Our Year!!!!


Haven't p0sted in a while.....i ap0logize for that!!!!!

[in preparation of packing for school etc.]

On another n0te......

'08' is almost here, and i DON'T have a new years res0lution, BUT the PLAN for me is to make this year the year that i ACCOMPLISH @ least 2 of my goals if not ALL.
:mwah: l0ve you guys



A Shine For Ms Phifer

So while browsing RunwayAtlanta I came across Alexis Phifer's threads. I remember her dress line's sneak peak with Honey last summer and eventhough I wasnt feeling the custom shoes that the models were wearing...however the dresses were bad. Tasteful I might add.They are simple yet a must.
GO GO Ghita! (models in their transition pre dresses)

Anyway, Phifer's Spring 2008 looks are lovely.
Check out more of her styles here, Ghita
Doesn't hurt that she's also engaged to the Louis Vutton Don also huh?



Sincere Apology

Please accept my sincere apology. I know I have neglected you, and for that I am sorry. Though I have been extremely busy, there isnt an excuse in existence that I am proud to recite. Therefore i leave you with no excuses, just an apology...please accept.




I've made a decision..to make life just like this..sometimes u loose and sometimes u CONQUER!.
I wonder why its so hard sometimes for people to realize the obvious..why its hard for people to come of age..instead of shrinking into INSANiiTY. I've crazed the Love of MY life..and i'd given anything juss to RE-START life.. but thass the SHIT. My conclusions..are illustrious..and illumative to all..who are captivated..im growing out of..ACCEPTANCE..and giving a "FUCK" about? Well..NothING @ ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...Everyone is on some mission..to be the first this.and do the first that..and set themselves for theee impossible..: ORIGINALITY!!:





True Colors

"Ive been working this slave ship...aint gett'n paid shit." UGH! I love my job, I seriously do but I was a 5 o'clock news away from whooping this pregnant lady's ass tonight. (Jill Scott's voice) WOOOOORRRD. Retail is seriously not for me as far as being a sales associate. Im convinced..Im just a misanthrope. I hate to hate people but...I do. My day of selling shoes was swell until this Bit...I won't even do it, until this chick and her busload of kids came into the store. Smh. Everything was dandy at first...I was peachy as usual. Her kids picked out the shoes they wanted and I offered my assistance. We good right? Almost. The oldest daughter, about 7, asked me to measure all of their feet. Its nothing. Fine...I measure all of their tiny feet...because again, it's nothing. I get paid for this. Ok. The mother tells her daughters to give me all of the shoes they want. Being the children they are...they all rush up to me with about six pairs each. Four tiny innocent beings with huge eyes wanting six different styles and colors. Ok, our stock room is not any normal type of stock room with inventory. As Dee would say.."Shit is a beast.." Then shit gets hetic...I make about six trips bringing out a total of eighteen pairs. To make a long story short. The mother starts giving me attitude then jumps stupid....




.. my color shows.

However. Eventhough my co-worker had to finish up with assistancing her pregnant ass..she STILL put money in my pockets. Thanks again Dee.



Cement in Ya Stocking

Here at TheArtOfStrange, we'd like to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas! Happy Holidays...even in ya white cement 3s. My nanny gave me these socks to rock lol She silly. When I think of Christmas I think back to the day my sister got pissed at me and told me Santa wasnt real. Not to mention the "A Christmas Story" movie marathon, my favorite Christmas movie. "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!" After working in retail I thought I'd be accustomed to being a Scrooge towards the Christmas spirit...but Im swell. Pull out those Cosby Christmas sweaters and get ready to eat ya aunty's nasty potatoe salad. Like 4000.


Stop Picking on Jamie!

Brittney Spears lil sister, Jamie, speaks out LOL Like4000.



Not Bad For a Girl

Not Bad For a Girl. Launched in September 2006 straight out of London, NBFG is an upcoming street brand dedicated to women. With the idea of "is for ourselves, our friends and families. Coming out of London with positivity to reach those who relate..." designer Karen Jane is really do her thing. A survivor of self-employment Ms. Jane freelanced through several London agencies to push her projects.
So show a sista some love, why dont you.



Like 4000.




An early Christmas Gift...?

Special thanks to a homie up top for sending out an early Christmas Gift. I recieved this today. Ill rock with tact, should go swell with the couderoys. Along with the never ending bad hair days paparazzi snaps of me. Ha.Like 4000.


Fruit Lup'

"Hustler for death. No heaven for a gangsta."

What can possibly be the beginning of Chicago's own, Lupe Fiasco, retirement will most definitely become a legendary mark in ol' "Hip Hop" era. His last album is expected to be titled "LupEnd" whether hip hop is done with him or not. Brillant idea if you ask me. To enter with juice and leave a stain that'll have a permanent wrinkle in the brain. My co-worker Dee (true hip hop head) put me on to this dude after belittling me for ignoring him(lol). Not OJ'n when i say we talked about Lupe's lyrics for 4 hours straight. Crazy. If you ask me, Lupe is more of a philospher and poet than rapper. And I can appreciate his poetry for that matter. So if he decides to 2-3 I doubt "Hip Hop" won't let him back in...as long as he don't create blasphemy upon himself like some ol' G-Unit preacher."The Cool" in stores now.Like 4000


Soul To Sole

Its been exactly two months since Ive purchased a pair of sneakers. Two whole months isnt a long period of time but when you're use to gathering up hundreds for one pair..its seems more like two years. I only have a couple more rare or interesting pairs in mind I wouldn't mind owning and wearing. And for some reason Ive been craving the color yellow. For starters...

Y-3 Honja Low Sunshines (in my size!)


Apee Yellow Pink

and even...

Yellow Prison strap Vans

2/3 will be obtained by the next week or so. :( The Yellow Honja Lows in my size are a question though. Hopefully I overlooked the Y-3 store in ATL and will try again later.


John Mayer

Okay, Hip-Hop aint dead but it is obviously not as healthy as it once was. A blessing in disguise is what i call this, because there's an effect that this has on the world and it isnt necessarily bad . Say the feeling you get from music is water and hip-hop is your house(assuming you are a fan), and your water is cut, due to your inability to pay the bill or whatever the case may be. Those that have been on the bad end of a financial difficulty in a reliable community know that your next-door neighbor is usually willing to help you out in your time of need. Well artists like Coldplay and John Meyer were the first to lend a helping hand to me. Coldplay is still my favorite non-hiphop maker of music, however away from the Music John Meyer is probably the dopest.
In a GQ article from a few months back, Meyer explained the frustration of crossing over from a "mom-rock" musician to a musician that can be respected by those that matter; the youth especially. in my opinion the transition has been made. his album Continuum was one of my favorite albums in '06 and his blog on Honeyee is cool too. somewhere between his time spent in Japan and working with Just BLaze and Kanye, the kid got ill.

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here he is rockin jordan iv's
i dont really like the rest of his fit though.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

he murdered it here.
Neighborhood denim and visvim keifers.
hell of a fit.
Bathing apes here

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

murder here once again. Visvim Jacket, sneaks and bag accompanied by neighborhood denim.

peep some of my favorite tracks of his.





[a quote that should be read & lived by]
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
mark twain
-bazarr star


In the Beginning It Was Written...

Today i embark on a journey that may be interpreted as my involvement in this blog. This blog will serve as a window into the building that is my mind. This window will allow you to see and admire or criticize the furnishings of my building, and if you see something you like, then i invite you to cater to the Bruh Man in you and hop in through my window, so long as u don't overstay your welcome. I understand that there are thousands of blogs, and i accept the challenge of creating a blog that is more interesting than the others. Where there is monotony, there is lost attention and words that fall upon def ears are lost forever. My name is Sincere; get acquainted.




Cloudy Weather

"Rain Rain go away thats what all tha hatahs say..."RHAYNE!

A great friend of mine is doing his thing. He is one of the few blessings I met at AI a couple of months ago and I swear...him and I have been on this Earth before. And we came from Mother Nature's wound on the same thinking day. We connect so well, it's scarey. I remember the FIRST DAY I met this gentlemen...we talked for hours in his apartment and made tons &tons of unforgettable jokes about Lauren & The Hills along with big head Tyra. Comedy. Success is humming soft now for this GQ gent' and when it starts to sing, Ill be clapping along. I love positive ppl. So ofcourse I love him. We've re-named ppl together, started movements together, and made wrinkles in eachother's brain together. Soon we'll be spinning the world left to right together as well. So in my Steve Harvey's voice "SHOW YA LOVE FOR....RHAYNE". WHAT?! who you calling a bitch?! Have a safe flight home.Love U.Like 4000

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Ledisi. Soul songstress for love. The two time Grammy nominee is not playing with her album Lost&Found. But it was "Sensitivity" song from one of her previous albums that made my ears glow. You'll hear strong horns, sweet melodies, and soft lyrics in this sista's masterpiece. Its good music once again. Don't let your ears die virgins to this artist's talented voice.Like 4000




Nice huh? Like 4000

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"Are You Ready..? To Be Entertained?!"

Hilarious! If you have the Beyonce Experience DVD this is pure comedy. This dance (plus the fake gum in the LA edit.), Beyonce YOU KNOW U WRONG! ahaha. I love it. Like 4000


Giving You Hell

HellzBellz Check It Out bottoms. I can fit ittttt I can fit ittttt. Buck Thirty Id do. These are cute and Im not even a fan of HB that well but they caught my pupils with these.Courtesy of CW.


Time for Greg Street to Rock

Greg Street holding it down. Courtesy of TSG.

TSG Feature: Greg Street Sneaker Collection


Strange Fruit Network


Click The Image Above. On there with your sista, brotha,cousin, mama and daddy too. Added. Like 4000


Easter Eggs With A 3M Coat

Took this a while ago. Ueno Courtforces and Easter Courtforces. Dont they compliment eachother well? Their status, colors, and texture. I harldy ever wear them...Idk why but they fit weird. They'll be for sale items in the future...you know how I doooooo.lol Sneakers *sigh* I remember when my love was there. Welp!Like 4000


No Need To Be Greedy I Got Enough To Feed The Needy

SpecialNeeds Fall Collection. Visit their site for some more of their Fall-Winter dandy graphics. Pic courtesy of HB.


The Real Thing

One title..."Ephipany". I damn sure love Jill for this song! Literally. Dope shit because she is rhyming. February 22nd for us Georgians. We'll finally be blessed with "The Real Thing" tour. Accompanying her will be the talented Raheem Vaughn. Tickets are on sale. Be there if not anywhere else, because I know I will be wanting front row seats like its first Sunday and Im one of the "Mothers". Be sure to check out The Real Thing Vol 3 as well. Simply Jill.


Baduizm Creep

Think back to 1997. When "Tyrone" couldnt get down with the "Appletree" and was told he'll be seen "Next Lifetime". Or when Mama's Gun was held a few years later. Only to go World Wide Underground. She's backkkkk. February 26th the Nu Legendary Miss Badu herself is shaking eardrums again with her new still untitled album. Im excited. Its been a min and I got scared for a few seconds only b/c I didnt want her to leap off to Zion on some Hill shit. Her single "Honey" produced by 9th Wonder is growing on soul radios now. There's no doubt in my mind that E Badu's new album will not be a classic. Come on now...her dress didnt costs nothing but seven dollars..shit, she made it fly.