Cloudy Weather

"Rain Rain go away thats what all tha hatahs say..."RHAYNE!

A great friend of mine is doing his thing. He is one of the few blessings I met at AI a couple of months ago and I swear...him and I have been on this Earth before. And we came from Mother Nature's wound on the same thinking day. We connect so well, it's scarey. I remember the FIRST DAY I met this gentlemen...we talked for hours in his apartment and made tons &tons of unforgettable jokes about Lauren & The Hills along with big head Tyra. Comedy. Success is humming soft now for this GQ gent' and when it starts to sing, Ill be clapping along. I love positive ppl. So ofcourse I love him. We've re-named ppl together, started movements together, and made wrinkles in eachother's brain together. Soon we'll be spinning the world left to right together as well. So in my Steve Harvey's voice "SHOW YA LOVE FOR....RHAYNE". WHAT?! who you calling a bitch?! Have a safe flight home.Love U.Like 4000

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