Fruit Lup'

"Hustler for death. No heaven for a gangsta."

What can possibly be the beginning of Chicago's own, Lupe Fiasco, retirement will most definitely become a legendary mark in ol' "Hip Hop" era. His last album is expected to be titled "LupEnd" whether hip hop is done with him or not. Brillant idea if you ask me. To enter with juice and leave a stain that'll have a permanent wrinkle in the brain. My co-worker Dee (true hip hop head) put me on to this dude after belittling me for ignoring him(lol). Not OJ'n when i say we talked about Lupe's lyrics for 4 hours straight. Crazy. If you ask me, Lupe is more of a philospher and poet than rapper. And I can appreciate his poetry for that matter. So if he decides to 2-3 I doubt "Hip Hop" won't let him back in...as long as he don't create blasphemy upon himself like some ol' G-Unit preacher."The Cool" in stores now.Like 4000



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