Simply Genius

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.
the concept, the delivery, the execution, the manifestation...I am impressed
I dont like alot of new rappers, but Wale is impressive. Whether Mark Ronson is to blame(or thank) or whether Wale held his own in the Brainstorming room, the outcome is simply beautiful. It has been hyped for the last couple months and it has lived up to it. I suggest u take a listen.


This one is just as good if not better.

Kanye didnt intend to release these alternate versions of Flashing Lights. They leaked. And I like the official version...alot, but I also like this one...alot. You decide.



The Soundtrack to My Life

Devils Pie - D Angelo
From the soundtrack of the movie that I was named after.



Protect Ya Neck

A London based graffiti artist, Decapitator, is taking an interesting approach to leaving his mark. the Sex and the City billboard is his most recent. The homie gets busy.



viva la vida.

Violet Hill - Coldplay
this shit has been on repeat for hours...literally.



Inflation at its finest

Supreme blazers were being resold at prices from 150 to 300 around this time last year.
This picture surfaced on the web last summer. Afterwards, prices for the shoe jumped to 400 to 600 and remain there even today.
Anyone who wanted Supreme blazers that didn't get them has this picture to thank.

ps. I'm one of those people...but I'm no longer bitter about it.



Summer's Cool: Pierre Hardy

An immaculate tread in these...is one for the summer!

May 15th-Dover Street Market was blessed with these new Pierre Hardy arrivals. Another special limited edition release, "Cruzeiro", will indeed hurt a few feelings + coin purses (what?! a man can carry a coin purse too,smh) this summer with it's metallic calfskin with terry towelling. These are something serious in my (important) opinion. lol

I'm blessed to have a summer birthday. In other words, I accept my birthday gifts early/late. My size you may ask? 36 (4Y)/37 (5y). Thanks! I love you oh so much!

Sigh-that reminds me, I need some European friends.

Summer's Cool: Rono Ice Cream store

just what Summer needs...a cool ice cream store, thanks Hiroyuki Miyake! Now bring this to the Atlanta!

I have an eerie eye like Joel Peter Witkin

Photographer Joel Peter Witkin...and his art keeps my attention.

His keen eye for imagery is very controversial due to the subjects he uses (the deformed, limbs, cadavers etc etc). Many say he is exploiting these figures in wrong manner. However, odd as it may seem...I can relate in some strange way.

No matter what critics say...at the end of the day...every and any thing is art.

Visit http://www.edelmangallery.com/witkin.htm for more of Peter's work.



ms.monroe: i live for her
[i need sum new things to + to the collection]


So last night, i spent some time downloading all kinds of music, well everything besides RAP MUSIC, only HIP HOP is appealing to my ears.
[ruckus.com always keeps me happy]
MUSIC has been apart of my life for soooooo long, many DO NOT know that i used to write and do a lil vocals.[spending a little time in Dallas Austin's studio, years ago though]

this shit is nothing but HAWT!!!! especially since "THE NEPTUNES" produced it, ive been a slight fan of her for a minute, i'm in love with the album "LIKE A VIRGIN" but when i heard who would be involved with her new album i knew the deal!


The "F" Word

lmao this caught me off guard!

with her tired apology.


I read alot of art/soul based magazines(which sometimes feature the sub cultures of sneakers/streetwear fashion) from time to time because they cover most of my personal interests.

Wax Poetics-#2 in my top 5 mag reads.

My favorite issue #22-Betty Davis
(sidenote: She was before the Badu/Lil Kim!!! don't even get me started on how much I love this woman's persona! America was NOT ready for her lol)

I'm an old soul for funk/soul, so I dig into stuff like this. I've been reading into WP for a couple of years now and even though back issues are hard to obtain the reach is worth it. Hopefully, I'll be able to own all of the back issues someday!

"I'm FIVE"

In the mist of my browsing boredom...this tee caught my eye and may even be purchased.

Dan Monick (of Blood is the New Black) reminds us of these old popular cigarette vending machines, when TRUTH commercials did not exist. It was easy to get a nicotine fix at the age of 12 back then. I like this tee (not a smoker) b/c under the "NO ONE UNDER 18 MAY OPERATE THIS MACHINE" sign...someone carved "I'm FIVE".

And I will marry YOU today

...you know how I feel.

Hey Mista'...not you, your handles.


Everyone nose.



Marta: Back to Basics

Ok...now she's on a shirt?


Black thought is a monster.



Dont know if you've seen this...

Its old but...pay attention .



a remarkable graffiti artist, a future legend in fact, if not already.
The picture above was illustrated in Brooklyn.
He was recently inspired by a John Mayer tag. The result was...



How songs are written.

John Mayer is a damn fool.
If you look closely, you'll find the Indian dude from 40 year old virgin.


If properly executed...

the jacket on the left could be ill.

But only if properly executed.
Its from the 2008 Beach Fighters collection for Quicksilver.


Kaws and effect

Simply amazing.
I wrote a research paper on Kaws, my sophomore year in high scool(a few years ago). I wish I had this footage to share then.


Fashion Institute of Technology.......


[if u know me PERSONALLY, u know momz was against me being in NY by myself, being that she is from Brooklyn]

so the DECISION is NOW up to ME and NO ONE else....
lookin' @ the things i've started here[atl] and being that this was unepected and i only have a few months to prepare......



their cute :giggle:
love life??? what can & can't i say about it.....




"...i'll creep up, sneak up
invited or not. welcomed or not
the special guest, the mistress, or secret lover
i am the decoy of joy
that steals tears from your mother
i am the misfit
with one drift
on high shit
either or
further more
you have no control
on the creases in your life
that i will fold
some will sell their souls...
for the good in me
then cheat on me
with fame
others will wish for me
pray on their knees
in my name
there are those who will stay far
minds ajar
for the sake of same
it does not matter
it'll never matter
i will still come
i am change."

Time's a wasting...my change is so near it's haunting me. Only because everything is starting to become so real. My parents recently granted me full support with my decision to move up north. I have a couple of months until my move however, I know I still have alot to get done before I depart. Dun dun dun.

Why havent I done this??

Feist is infinitely ill.
I first caught wind of her after her song "my moon my man" was featured on a Verizon commercial.
Companies often choose, less famous, "on the cusp" -type artists to be featured in their commercials(I.E. Kenna's "out of control" for Sony's PSP), and often, I research the artists. Feist was no different and I wasn't at all disappointed by what I found and heard. Its been about a year, and I can still pick up and listen to any one her CD's. If you aint hip to it, I suggest you get familiar.



Lil Kim As Virgin Mary [promo pic]

A picture says a thousand words...

And I am so sorry but I do not have time to list them all.


...Why do i like these?

Releasing on June 17th...in kids sizes only.


And another one....

Gucci ad, displaying their releases for May.

The Jacket is Nylon, and will run you about 1200USD.


Speaking of Bow Ties

...your fan isn't that HIGH.


A good look...

I am presently obsessed with sartorialism ...which is basically the culture derived from the acknowledgment, and appreciation for other cultures, paticualrly in recognizing the exquisite style of ordinary people on the street. There are several sites that take the title of sartorialists...my favorite being Hel-looks.com, a Dutch blog.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


I really like these ads...

...the bags ain't bad neither.
Raf Simmons x Eastpak collaboration.




Radiohead- In Rainbows.
dont think Gay Pride...think Psychedelic Drugs. This album is illshit.

Gnarls Barkley- Odd Couple.
also extremely dope, though i didnt like it at first listen.

Kanye in a spinning studio while playing Gnarls Barkley's "No time soon".

Spinning Studio from kwest on Vimeo.


Lastnight: Glow In The Dark

Lastnight, my sister treated me to the Glow In The Dark Concert here in Atlanta (really, Gwinett). Our seats were great! This was my 2nd time witnessing Kanye live. I went to a low budget performance of his about 6 years ago Lol what a huge difference!
(sorry for the poor pic)

The overall concert was immaculate. Lupe, NERD, Rhianna, and Kanye all did their thang! Good show. I simply wore a bow tie that I snatched from one of my father's tuxedos and black bottoms.

We got frostys after the concert, :) I was too happy.


I, apologize

With the look of The Art Of Strange for the next couple of so and so's. The black was killing my eyes and I can barely see...period. So I'm working on it, patience. If you do not like it...feel free to email me your "carter-ish" opinions. chasmin@fruitmaterials.com. Most likely I will not respond. Keep it swell! and be happy!


the NEW man in my LIFE.....

happens to be a 6 week yr. old y0rkie named DOLCE' who i have with the quickness become attached to.
Momz knew a breeder, so i talked her into gettin' me one & gracefully she did, besides the fact i talked her into buying SHADOW[my cocker spaniel] a few yrs. ago[were actually goin to sell him]
INTERNSHIP/JOB: i absolutely love et'! i see that i will be involved in sooooo many aspects!!!!!
i feel a little stressed DUE to some negative things in my life, in which i am about to IMMEDIATELY put to sleep, but other than that the new pup & internship puts a smile upon my face.....see: (^_^)


Eargasm: No Matter What

Knock knock...T.I. is that you? Sooo it's no question who he is talkin' about (duh). Lol In my book "10 ways to become successful" (oh...you ain' know!? yes) # 3. Listen to a T.I. song.


Now lets see how many ppl gon' jump back on T.I. after paper trail...because ya know they lovin' Shawty Lo now. *rolls eyes*

Marta: pt2



Marta: Chick on pills


Names You Do Not Have To Know

Abigail Johnson. Yang Huiyan. Heidi Horten. Christina Green.

All share what in common?

These women...are billionaires.

Titles: "Get Like Me"

Yesterday (Thursday)

May 1st-

...was hectic yesterday. My day started at 4:30 AM and by 2:00 PM I was ready to retire. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday for a physical and some shots for school.

The physical-
Ok physicals are nothing to me. My doctor was actually surprised at the great shape I am in for my age. I take care of my temple because my life depends on it. Hmm, we all want this perfect body when spring break and summer hits. I try to execute some things ALL year 'round.

Although I love LOVE my foods fried I have a balanced diet. I drink light liquids(NO SODA) and water daily. I stretch and exercise. Stay active to keep my body moving. I keep my skin golden. I do not smoke anymore nor drink. I just love being healthy!

My BMI is perfect. My doctor explained to me that I will not have any trouble with my weight until I hit about 35 years old (then I will probably have to watch the fried foods lol).

An important relationship in life to have is definitely one with your doctor(s).

*Have frequent check-ups; They are important believe it or not. It's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to knowing your mental and physical states. Unless you are a doctor yourself, you'll never know your current state if you do not seek professional help. Take time to have that on time check up with all of your doctors before it's too late.

*Question your doctors; If you do not understand something or quite do not get what is going on with your body, question it! See what the future has in-store for your body and how you can prevent all of the bad things due to some bad habits.

*Listen to your doctors; Why? because you're not a doctor. And if you disagree...always always get a second or third opinion.

*Keep your shit updated; Lmao I had to get 3 shots yesterday which left me sick all day today. Schedule and attend your physicals!

*Do not forget your candy; Yes, you may be grown but your doctors still owe you some candy at the end of each visit. So whether you get a sucker or a good piece of advice...take it, and thank your doctors.

Your body is important...take care of it. Results from bad habits may not show up now but years later, you will see them. And for some of you...you might not have the chance...because it'll be too late and you'll be dead. :)


Eargasm: The Come Up

My week's repeat...

Remember Ms Jade? "Money man tell me WTF is up!?!"

I'm just saying thou! Never will I be satisfied with my funds and that's one thing ppl has the right to call me skant on. Sometimes I get real iggnit with my finances but let me stop. It's not classy...this "money talk".

You know how I'm feelin' thou!

"It aint a guy thing or a girl thing...it's a me thing gettin high and drunk every weekend."

Another Cha-Ching.

Young Folk'...good read! "BE"

(March 08 issue)

FORTUNATELY, my parents do NOT believe in subscribing to typical fashion magazines for "D-R" and I. My mom is always on me about a "good read" when it comes to flipping through a magazine. Young folk' the summer is coming fast...real fast. So let me add something to your "must haves" for summer 08.

Subscribe to Black Enterprise this summer. My circle is a small one...made up of ppl from ages 18-22. Meaning some are either graduating from High School come May...or college! And "BE" needs to be in your hands and carriers at all times for those sit and wait moments.

I keeps me a "BE" on me. Great asset to any young black aspiring entrepreneur and quite handy if I may add. Especially when I go to get my wig done. There's nothing better than sitting under the dryer and reading good business stories along with possible new contacts in a mag.

So sure, it's easy...TOO easy to be vulnerable to pick up a fashion or music mag for the latest things to buy. Hmm how about you become the supplier one day? Find better ways to invest, relate, and spend your money come summer 08' because I know I will!

Thanks mom for the non stop "BE" reads! I'll definitely be on the cover one day...so I suggest you start reading.


Resume: Sneaker Connoisseur

Get over myself you'll think (with this sneaker ish)? No, darlings! I added "sneaker connoisseur" to my resume the other day because "collector" just doesn't fit my description anymore.(giggles) Not saying I've completely had it with collecting but after 5 long years (+months)...ya girl, is pretty much knowledgeable with this culture.

(miss pacman dunks)
When I think of my hardcore "collecting" days...I shamefully think about the amount of cash I'd actually burn. Urks me never the less. Back then you could call me a show off. I was down for hurting feelings and turning heads with my tippy toes. Ya know, on the forums talking ish. In the buy/sell section whippin' the rares for 3 times retail in one week. Ha! And when mama would say "Chasmin you need a 9 to 5" my face would get stale...literally. I'd think to myself, "Where could I make $350 a week at a 9 to 5?". Not my forte'. And quite frankly, I don't think it ever will change.

I have went through about 120+ pairs of sneakers.

(Yes, you can pick your jaw back up now)...sold them...and switched up the laces from 4y to size 36 (if you catch my drift).So when I see when I see the "popularity contests" now...of course I'm just chillin'. Chillin' with the sneaker events, the battles, and anything sneaker release date related. And it's funny now because when I get the question "So what's the latest cop?" I think federals, then think "Oh, they meant sneakerrrrsss..damn."

(2004 Denim Hulks...your favor)
Please notice the change. I use to buy em' for me...now, I'm buying them for you. Simple as that. Besides, you can only catch me in two (yes, TWO) different types of sneakers. My black p.jensen canvases for errands and my white common projects for that chic first sunday look. Lol And probably you too...after you google both brands.

Anywho...I'm still looking for those swears wing tips, and I may just be set! So to the inquiring minds; I'm in pumps...necessary pumps at these Up To Par dinners/shots now a days. Watch the hoes start to call me "skanty" because my eyes are always closed in these razzi' shots. No, no...my future is not that bright! ...but my teeth very much so are.

Invest in some colgate and good floss please.