Summer's Cool: Pierre Hardy

An immaculate tread in these...is one for the summer!

May 15th-Dover Street Market was blessed with these new Pierre Hardy arrivals. Another special limited edition release, "Cruzeiro", will indeed hurt a few feelings + coin purses (what?! a man can carry a coin purse too,smh) this summer with it's metallic calfskin with terry towelling. These are something serious in my (important) opinion. lol

I'm blessed to have a summer birthday. In other words, I accept my birthday gifts early/late. My size you may ask? 36 (4Y)/37 (5y). Thanks! I love you oh so much!

Sigh-that reminds me, I need some European friends.


Blogger Sizzy said...

Continue dreaming!

May 19, 2008 at 3:44 PM  

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