Young Folk'...good read! "BE"

(March 08 issue)

FORTUNATELY, my parents do NOT believe in subscribing to typical fashion magazines for "D-R" and I. My mom is always on me about a "good read" when it comes to flipping through a magazine. Young folk' the summer is coming fast...real fast. So let me add something to your "must haves" for summer 08.

Subscribe to Black Enterprise this summer. My circle is a small one...made up of ppl from ages 18-22. Meaning some are either graduating from High School come May...or college! And "BE" needs to be in your hands and carriers at all times for those sit and wait moments.

I keeps me a "BE" on me. Great asset to any young black aspiring entrepreneur and quite handy if I may add. Especially when I go to get my wig done. There's nothing better than sitting under the dryer and reading good business stories along with possible new contacts in a mag.

So sure, it's easy...TOO easy to be vulnerable to pick up a fashion or music mag for the latest things to buy. Hmm how about you become the supplier one day? Find better ways to invest, relate, and spend your money come summer 08' because I know I will!

Thanks mom for the non stop "BE" reads! I'll definitely be on the cover one day...so I suggest you start reading.



Blogger bazarr star said...

ooo emm geee i love this magazine!!!!

May 1, 2008 at 7:25 PM  

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