Resume: Sneaker Connoisseur

Get over myself you'll think (with this sneaker ish)? No, darlings! I added "sneaker connoisseur" to my resume the other day because "collector" just doesn't fit my description anymore.(giggles) Not saying I've completely had it with collecting but after 5 long years (+months)...ya girl, is pretty much knowledgeable with this culture.

(miss pacman dunks)
When I think of my hardcore "collecting" days...I shamefully think about the amount of cash I'd actually burn. Urks me never the less. Back then you could call me a show off. I was down for hurting feelings and turning heads with my tippy toes. Ya know, on the forums talking ish. In the buy/sell section whippin' the rares for 3 times retail in one week. Ha! And when mama would say "Chasmin you need a 9 to 5" my face would get stale...literally. I'd think to myself, "Where could I make $350 a week at a 9 to 5?". Not my forte'. And quite frankly, I don't think it ever will change.

I have went through about 120+ pairs of sneakers.

(Yes, you can pick your jaw back up now)...sold them...and switched up the laces from 4y to size 36 (if you catch my drift).So when I see when I see the "popularity contests" now...of course I'm just chillin'. Chillin' with the sneaker events, the battles, and anything sneaker release date related. And it's funny now because when I get the question "So what's the latest cop?" I think federals, then think "Oh, they meant sneakerrrrsss..damn."

(2004 Denim Hulks...your favor)
Please notice the change. I use to buy em' for me...now, I'm buying them for you. Simple as that. Besides, you can only catch me in two (yes, TWO) different types of sneakers. My black p.jensen canvases for errands and my white common projects for that chic first sunday look. Lol And probably you too...after you google both brands.

Anywho...I'm still looking for those swears wing tips, and I may just be set! So to the inquiring minds; I'm in pumps...necessary pumps at these Up To Par dinners/shots now a days. Watch the hoes start to call me "skanty" because my eyes are always closed in these razzi' shots. No, no...my future is not that bright! ...but my teeth very much so are.

Invest in some colgate and good floss please.


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