I cant for the life of me figure out why this duo are not at the very top of everybody's "favorites" list. They are my favorite group after Outkast. I used to get dressed to "Lord Willin'" in the morning in elementary school. I was dumbfounded because they were making references to shit that i would later on hear about in class. They represent the hoodest of hoods but yet, they speak so eloquently about their travels and experiences in far away lands with a conviction that made me feel that they couldn't be lying. I cant flex, at 12 years old i was like "fuck firefighters and superheroes" because i wanted to be like them. Name one rapper thats still making records that you can honestly admit that you want to be like? Soulja Boy? Fuck no...not even Wayne. Wayne is a genius in my opinion but I don't want to be like him. The worst part about it all, the Clipse dont sell the most when they drop. "Lordin Willin" went platinum but "Hell Hath No Fury" did not, and it was just as good, if not better. I mean the hit is amazingly good. Go out and listen to HHNF and tell me that shit ain't amazing. From the instrumentals to the wordplay to the concepts; all were just ridiculous. Long story short I hate to see people not get the recognition they deserve especially when i know there are people getting recognition that dont deserve it. Not to mention that I am the most extravagant connoisseur of fine rhyme one can encounter, I must have millions of mixtapes stored in my mental roladex, the illest of them all is "We got it for cheap vol. 2" if you haven't heard it, then you haven't heard a mixtape. Vol. 3 was just recently released and it was good but Vol. 2 is simply amazing. I swear I am not receiving a dime for this shit. My Conscience has been twisting my arm, something had to be said.



Blogger kid.a said...

i love the clipse. i remember when grindin came out...could walk through the dorms w/out hearing it! GRINDIN!

nice blog, i'm feelin it. i'm gonna add a link on my blog. cool?

May 5, 2008 at 8:11 PM  

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