What more can I say than just thank you? Lol Thank you to all who read/commented my interview on CUK. I blushed...literally at all of your kind words. This plate I have infront of me...is a huge one. I sometimes feel like I have too much on it. Or as my nanny says "Your eyes don' got bigga than that stomach I see" Lol Of course I try not to be rude and take some off to put back but...yea, self-doubt tries to fit itself on this plate sometimes too.

If you're tardy...it's coo, navigate Here

like Beezy said!

So being the humble mumble driven lad I am...I simply tell the waitors "No thank you...I have enough of ideas on this plate...self-doubt will just have to be passed on to the next one."

Yup. Thanks! I know of many with great ideas and well put together plans and I just encourage you all to be humble...take one vision at a time and count those blessings! Who would have ever thought the small quiet-shy girl that sat on the right side behind the cabinet and stuttered when her name was called would be on the come up?

Smh...I tell ya...these strange things...

I'm starting to take my mother's advice...to keep marchin' to the beat of my own damn drum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My lx would not let me post the comment on the interview so I'll just post it here:
Enough said,
What can be said that was not already posted. I Love this young woman && am blessed to know her. This was only the beginning.

so stay tuned

P.S. I will more thn likely copy && paste this when I get to a desktop...


April 9, 2008 at 3:38 AM  

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