Ow! So yea yea, I've put a pause on the sneaker collecting due to this vision and the over-flood of false faces who started collecting after the word "hypebeast" was existed. Anyway, along with sneakers...so came the pause on threads. C'mon now...you in HellzBellz now? Stussy? MOB? Supreme? pshttt 10deep? Whateva! Over it. So after about two months of searching for something different with streetwear to keep me attentive it was a woomp woomp sit chu ation. I was disappointed. Thinking..."Damn! not only have sneakers, my love, fooled me...so has the threads!" Til I came across a blog...and (Regina voice frm Steve Harvey) "BAM!" There was the "Once upon a time" story I needed before I fell asleep on contributing my dolla' to this culture ever again! My new favorite line to lead the blind...Cookie-Cutter!

Now I was on a spending diet but as an "addict", it's hard trying to step foot out of the culture. I f*ckin love this crew, not because of the look but the concept behind it. Hmm the concept behind the whole line itself and the creator's intentions is just damn swell. Procedes from purchasing products of CC goes to a charitable cause. C'mon now how many lines you know doing that just for the hell today? CC is down with promoting positive self-esteem with youth today.

"So much hype around designer labels begs the question -- do people really appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of high-end design? Or do people just want to buy these labels because it’s what society tells them they need? Cookie Cutter proudly promotes the union of skirts & sneakers, Canal Street & Rodeo Drive, Fendi & flea markets, carbs & Atkins."-CC

So of course I'm trying to get ahold of the surgeon behind this...emailed her once but since her blog hasn't been updated since last month I now realized she may be a hard find. Which is coo thou!

Idk she just made me realized if you have a passion for something...of course a trillion will have that same passion too. Half of that trillion will consist of false numbers. Shit just happens? However, if your passion for it is that deep you can never turn your back on it. Maybe look at it sideways...but never turn your back.
I've been married to this culture for five years now...and it's too funny because I've cheated and walked out on it so many times. Hmm...but it's still here. It just have a bunch of hoes after it.

Streetwear aint dead!



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