speechless to your prescense...
and empty inside of your hands..ive had all my tears and
this is the last of my plans..
ive worked off the pain kept so deep within
hard as gravel and soft as skin
there is only emotion between you and i but nothing more
i find myself constantly trying to find new things in my life.
but i just cant seem to let go of the old..
im just drowining in his love..
full of deceit and embedded with the remorse of heartache.
he is my love.. and all i can take..
ive wrote so many of what use to be..
and now i just pray..that i can find me..
Soaked to the fullest what seems to be the sea..
but just like the salt..the tears are only me..
...there is much more for me to conquer...
but for now..he has taken over my soul.. could i call you anything else but love?
youve promised me anything and given me everything but regret..
lOVE is a loOsing game...is this the reason i am upset?
i think that everytime theres a cloud in the sky..my stars can never shine.
ive been so confused, so hurt, so blind..
what should i do?
this is all of me im pouring out to you..
giving up my heart..to become new
ive cried, and screamed..making this love..
not what it seems..
making your touch ..as real as my dreams..
give me this kiss to endure..the last of my rain..
i rather.be seduced..then to feel your pain..

i love.


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