Dear Skanty: Polyganize Me (sp?)

It's too early but I have a yoga/movie meet starting at 9AM. So wake up.


However I made Polyganize up but not this story! lmao

This whole Polygamy puddle is too funny! This is a soap forreal with no ending but far better than Passions. It's sick. I'm sick for following the story but hell my predictions were true! So it begins...

I literally laughed my ass off when I heard that some bored heffa' probably pranked call this whole thing. And as I was giggling...and then some, I found out it was a sista and yelled "Oh hell!"

Wait til I find her picture! Smh lmao tooooo funny.

Til then watch Nancy...you know she mad and ready to gut a skant's guts out with her beak. She is so rude...and if she shows those twins of hers one more 'gain pls be in tune for my call at 8pm up to the network.

I have no problem with this skanty mess...yall know how crazy ppl are, why ppl acting brand new to this? However...this camp needs to be shut down until they start paying DAMN TAXES!!! GAS IS TOO HIGH for me to helping out old filths in seek of a lifetime movie premier!!!

p.s. Eyebrow waxes are all on me for the 300+ of the poly wives...tell Lynn I sent cha'.


Anonymous Crush said...

LMAO @ eyebrow waxes on you.
I'm sayin tho; walkin around lookin like Frida Kahlo is not acceptable in 2008!

April 22, 2008 at 5:34 PM  
Blogger ashley wheelyums said...

i hahhahah lmao my nail lady is lynnn and my eybroe lady is diane heheheh

April 23, 2008 at 8:37 AM  

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