Adult Swim: Metal..metal..metal

I know Im not the only one who watches this;

Latenite, shows like Deathklok & the Metalocalypse has my full and undivided attention. It's so weird too! I feel guilty when I watch this show because the random thought of "You're going to hell" just gets comfortable in the back of my mind lmao. This show is my guilty pleasure, Im so intrigued by the killing of their fans, the lack of personality, and the hardcore metal performances...it's crazy. This show also scares and excites the hell out of me at the same time. My favorite episode was when it was ol' guy's birthday (you know the one that looks like a white Al Sharpton) and when he was just doing some wild ish like playing the bass with his "nuts". Cra-zy. Gnite.


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