so yea, it has been a while since my fingas have allowed me to UPDATE.

{school keeps me busy & i've been put in totally awkward situations this week}

BUT im here to vent and whine about how much im fiening to drop out of school and just TRAVEL and learn new ways of living outside the U.S & learn new cultures. I want nothing more than to live in another country.

Another NOTE: can't wait until im finacially stabled, so i can adopt maybe 1 or 2 kids who are facing poverty.

{why does ANGELINA & BRAD go outside the country to adopt kids when the poverty rate here is much higher than any other}

Most people say that im crazy for wanting to do this, but it would definitely brighten my day!

DRY ASS DAYTONA is NOT wasup y0!

it doesnt feel like the city, the people are from earth here[im NOT], i cant have coldstone ice cream when i want it.....ughhhhh[call me DRAMATIC] but whatever lmao
well there is a M·A·C yummmm!!!!

missss u mucchh CHAS



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