This Race with Race Pt II

Smh smh. According to America...Obama was a member of a "racist" Black Church. Gross! Since when were Blacks or anyone of color granted that opportunity?! Ha! Four hundred years (and counting) and America tries to reverse all of them by shamlessly pulling a coward ass race card (on their behalf) with Rev. Whright of the Trinity Church of Christ. Get the hell on. This so called issue is a prime example of why I do not and will not dream in America.

I really do not understand why there is so much controversy towards the views of Rev. Whright? Especially when his congregation does so much for a community that is strong in numbers...educate yourselves here white folk'! So I guess everything that is Black owned and ran is now racist too huh? Since when was being anti-America racist? Then again, who am I foolin'...America also once painted (with the same hate brush) the picture of Black Panthers being "racists" too. *rolls eyes*

And if these logics of "Black racists" existing were actually true, could this one situation be any lower than McCain's friend...the radio host that actually spoke at his campaign and boldly made racists remarks towards Obama on t.v.? (Mind you...Rev. Whright never said his views on America were also the same exact views of Obama.) I shake my head to most of my "cousins" (white folk').

Ha! Then I witnessed Bill Clinton stating, "Race in either candidates has not been an issue..." Clinton seriously wtf...are you watching this race? Clearly you are not... but good way to tip-toe your words around that tongue to avoid biting it.

This shit only allowed me to reminisce on one of X's speeches I read in the seventh grade called "Racist in Reverse".

So I'll just leave you with this bit...

"Brothers and sisters, if you and I would just realize, that once we learn to talk the language that they understand, they will then get the point. You can't ever reach a man if you don't speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can't come to him with peace. Why goodnight! He'll break you in two, as he has been doing all along. If a man speaks French, you can't speak to him in German. If he speaks Swahili, you can't communicate with him in Chinese. You have to find out, what does this man speak? Once you know his language, learn how to speak his language. He'll get the point, there will be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed. You've been in this country long enough to know the language the Klan speaks, they only know one language. What you and I have to start doing in 1965, I mean that's what you have to do because most of us have already been doing it, is start learning a new language. Learn the language that they understand, and then when they come up on our door step to talk, we can talk."

Honestly, it's always 50/50 thing with X's views and mine. Some days I cannot stand my "cousins" and some days I'm like some of my "cousins" aint (..lol yes) so bad. Hmmm...guess I'm a "racist" too huh? Amerikkka get the hell on! UGH and for the first time...I actually agreed with Al Sharpton and Lawd knows I cannot stand that Black man. Smh.

And how dare ppl want some type of apology or explanation from this? Fuck that! I'll probably lose some of my taste for Obama if his announcement speech tomorrow tries to calm these white folk' blood...literally. C'mon Obama...you better pull a Malcom and speak of that "White Disease". Ok let me stop...I'm being "racist." I just hope Obama doesn't play the role of token Powell. Ha!

I forgive my cousins (sigh) for confusing Black liberation with racism. Smh.

p.s. But hey! "Lu Ann" (lmao..insider..smh@my daddy) feels quite at home with the Trinity Church of Christ (eventhough sometimes...Im convinced my "cousins" do not know what to say...UGH! lmao I wonder if she clutches her purse when visiting the Trinity Church of Christ). (view below)

Over IT!


Anonymous E.D0T;AYE! said...


The thing that cracks me up the most is the fact that there is even a discussion about this. I mean it's a topic that needs to be discussed of course and not put to rest, but in relation to Rev. Wright and his sermons etc., the man practices/preaches black liberation theology, nuff said.

LMAO and I've been watching CNN since I've been home and this bia-bia keep talking about this is typical at most Black churches--TRICK we ain't thinkin about yall at church. SHIT thats probably the ONLY place we don't think about YO cousins

LOL let me find his speech and watch it now...had to cut out on him this mornin or yo cousins woulda fired me & I woulda had to give them a piece of MY theology or maybe Mr. West's black nihilism--haha, holla shawtay!

March 18, 2008 at 7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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