Stolen Pic: PMxBad Hair

"Am I NOT a mess!?!"

However, I always produce the best smiles when I am a mess. Lol Stole this pic from PM's blog because it is TOO funny. Kelly got mushed for two reasons by me. 1) For her hair lookin' worse than mine. 2) For that "orange thing" she was rocking LMAO.

I had so much fun this past weekend with yall! That cake fight between Ken and I was classic forreal. Cake ended up all the way down the halls due to her long chase after me. I was just too fast...cmon you know I have the legs of Bee! (lol)

Kelly and her "orange things" ...pls work it out. I love you, Im so your bust it baby..stop front'n when I do my "bust it baby" talk for you. You're rude...btw.

I slept with my boo (get your mind right)...I just love spending the nite with him, we're so funny. Between his New Orleans accent and my Jawja loudness its hard to differentiate who says what...that's too cute to me!

Rhayne was a lil stingy with the oreos and pizza pockets. Hmm fatty.

You can find more pics/good words here


Blogger Sweetest Girl said...

THis pic is going to be international in a while!

March 18, 2008 at 6:41 PM  

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