It's GOOD Friday!

So I leave you with this...the cutest married couple, my parents. Always going out being the sophisticated socialites they are,smh. Too cute in their casual wear...after twenty plus years of marriage their love is never old. I love it! My mom went to go get her hair done...the manicure/pedicure...sip of wine with her gals for lunch. My daddy did some last minute shopping...went to go get the haircut...washed ALL of the cars, the suv, and his trucks today. I love EBPs! Mom was not cooperative with me for trying to snap pics while getting ready, smh but Daddy never lets me down!

What he wore

They did NOT have to do this...ugh!

I have yet to see my daddy miss a door for us in my lifetime.


Lmao my parents are a trip...they left bumpin that Keyshia Cole cd as if it came out yesterday. Black love...gotta' love it!

Enjoy the weekend! and Easter :)


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