9:00 AM...we we're moving...

The Feds (my mom) is SO serious about us being on point for the big Easter dinner tomorrow. So at 9AM this morning it was mandatory for me to go pay a visit to Ellenwood at my nailshop hangout and get the brows waxed. Why must beauty equal pain? My Asian homegirl damn near RIPPED my face off,smh. However...I am cute-r for Easter! Lol

The Feds decided to accompany me because she wanted to go to the grocery (sigh) she makes me so nervous behind the wheel. She kept complaining of me driving too fast or the music being too loud. Mind you...she's the only one who drives too fast with the music too loud.

Grocery store for us is like...

I had to make sure I got all the goodies!

This week choice of cereal was tough :( I mean...I love the Mini Wheats but I couldn't pass up the Special Edition!

I can never go shopping and not shop for my sis as well...just doesn't seem right,

Then we we're ALMOST done...this was like halftime's results

Lol it's like 5 of us to the household and I can never see how my mom does it weekly. It always means getting 5 diff. cereals or different ice creams, juices, types of water etc. This is the only type of shopping I really love to do...shopping for clothes is NATHIN compared to shopping for food! Lol



Blogger SneakerFee said...

junkfood yipppe

March 23, 2008 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger bazarr star said...

onlllyyy my chassss lmao

March 23, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

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