"I'll take the Honey Roast Rabbit please"

Easter Sunday was too funny, especially in church. I'm convinced I won't see those people til Easter 09'...hmm at least they came. It was hot ass hell though! After church it was time for the fam and I to change clothes and be on our way. Hmmm the private Easter dinner that we attended that evening was too cute and elegant. It was an invite only event...filled with god times-only to celebrate the Resurrection and a birthday. I simply love a quiet lavish lifestyle.

Among the attendees was the stylish Benjamin Andre' himself in a blue suit, yellow tie, and bright smile who sat a table away. It was no need for me to snap pics, I granted him his privacy and he always seem to pop up at the parties "Ma Benjamin" throws. Besides, everyone was too busy enjoying each other's company and the music. I did manage to get his son (bc he walked in with the bday guy) when snapping pics of the bday guy...his red plaid pants were just too cute! lol Clearly he's the next style watch to look out for..

The dinner was very Up To Par. Got some footage on my phone because we started acting too silly with the electric slide, random games, and the reminiscing of the good ol' days we all shared with each other.

This is definitely a lifestyle I choose to keep private however I always love sharing bits of good moments with this "crowd". I actually grew up with these people and the gatherings are always the same. Immaculate and Up To Par.

And you know it was BLACK! Cmon now lmao what you know about Koolaid in champange glasses?!?!

Too funny!

p.s. Madison Beaumont was there as well...lookin like diamonds.


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