The Chronicles of Strange Fruit's Carbon Flopies

One day Im going to publish some thoughts on the guys Ive came across Lol I nickname all guys Carbon Copies...and most Carbon Flopies. It'll even have a disclaimer (lol)similar to this...

Disclaimer:Now first let me say...if you read this and get offended, it was meant for you. You'll be nameless but you'll identify yourself in description that'll fit you because between you and me...we both know wassup.

I am destined to marry a thinker and a poet. If I had to put a value to gold...words would be its equivalence. And his will be gold...I can dig that. Then..for him, I'll be a gold digger.*roll eyes* Im not her when most say all guys are dogs but for most Ill sit in the back and say "amen". In my young wonder years Ive only came in contact with one boy who somewhat woo'd me. Lol Not with lust or any type of physical encounter...we were young then, like 10 and 11, I was too tomboyish to be all into that. But I'll start my chronicles off with him.

Boys amuse me and so do men sometimes. You'd be surprise how many have tried to holla then go to a friend and vica versa. My girls and I make jokes about you. One good thing I can say about the male species is that they do not give up. Ahaha. Im not bitter just sluttin'with the fact that I am amused.Call me crazy but I wish I could have married Hemingway and cheated with Emerson. Made a love child with Van Gough during a paint section then ran off and eloped with Edgar Alan Poe on some dark shit. To at least go to Harlem and had some tea with Hughes. Then jumped back in modern day times only to really marry Benjamin Andre to be serious. Kidding in that seriousness though. Ugh...if only parallels touched right?

Im single until my career is on clouds, til my family and friends are all eating, til then..basically. So of course I'll hold hands but Im washing mine...germs brothas.

My chronicles are coming though...



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