DuhN .DuHn.

SOoOooO..we all noe the proclaimed Rap artist MF DooM.. Nd if not here's a backdrop:
One of Hip Hops Underdiscovered talents of lyrical sense...
- it was stated an issue of creative Loafing!..doOOm is anything BUT theee REAL THiiNG...it was said " dooOm list impersonators when it had been reported a lip-synched show in N.Y. And L.A. And recently in Atlanta, GA. NOw it hasn't ben said for sure..if this all apart of the plan.. A performance @ MJQ Concourse downtown on DEc. 13..was said to be a fake..and a Huge RiP-Off.. For serious supposrters of MF.... smh.. :tisk tisk:


"Sad to see a possible history maker..go Down n Theee MakiiNg..of Hip-HOP"..says critics.
- Fah Real? :sincerely Panda!:


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