Mr. Philips

I don't know...somehow...someway every time I am put in a position to where I have to adapt to a new environment... there's always this one special person I meet before hand that is placed in my life for an immaculate experience. For instance, when my family moved across Georgia, before my junior year in high school, I met my best friend Ash before school even started. Then lighting striked again for college, I met not only a best friend but my fashion soul mate, Mr. Philips. Im in love with him! We're going to have the most stylish children.lol Let me stop...but world I suggest you adjust your optical lens because you will need a clearer picture for Mr.Philips. In the future you're probably going to be asking for his opinion in not only what to wear but how to wear it. You may even need an expert in visual advertising on ways to perfect your store's window displays. Or You may just need that one fierce ass fashion consultant/stylish to give you an updated report on the art of fashion itself. One day....trust me, you'll need him. Sometimes, I take him in vain because Im a jealous thread girlfriend...I want Mr.Philips all to myself :( but we're working that out because he's too brilliant not to be shared (whore). I love him more than his keen eye for fashion though and Im pretty sure the world will too when lighting strikes again with my fashion boyfriend. For this time and this time only I'll refrain from fighting any one of you broads over him, haha. Be sure to check into a galaxy of his Here

Picture taken by me.

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