Think About it.

Vh1 pumps alotta bullshit into the minds of their viewers; Flavor of love, NEW York's Show...by these things, i am not impressed. However, a couple summers ago they aired a mini-series called THE DRUG YEARS. The show was Basically a documentary that gave first hand accounts on drugs in the 60's and 70's and the way that the country was affected. I thought it was dope. They did an excellent job capturing the feeling of the times, which fueled my boarder line obsession with the 60's. One of the people that were interviewed raised an interesting point. The occupational title of "rock star" was an excuse to do or behave however the fuck you wanted to. "He's high? He killed a man?" "He's a "rock star"? oh...its cool." That is exactly how it is today and i figured out why. Artists are not regular people, therefore they don't have to follow "regular people" rules. Even further, artist perform a service un-performable by any other group of people. Without musicians, painters, authors and such, the world would be dead. There wouldn't be thought, there wouldn't be entertainment. Art is as vital to the human body as water or bread. Why do crackheads allow dealers to treat them like shit? why do you children behave when they sense a treat as the aftermath of their good behavior? Why does the world allow artists to get away with things that would otherwise be unacceptable? the answer is simple, the Artist have to be kept happy so that they will continue to produce the art that we so hungrily long for. think about it.




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