Spaghetti Junction

First off, Big Thanks to all of those down with the "Up To Par" movement here at TAOS. Your comments and feedback is SO appreciated! God Bless to you all. Now...lol I know I know I look better in real life. However, my face is faceless on here and will remain that way.:) Second, (I really hate numbering my ideas but it seems so relevant..idk), it's four of us..I know I started this almost as a joke but the thought of creativity not being enough is really permanent in my mind. Our names are at the end of each post and I sort of always..post..in..this..color? With the exception of my CC to Darnesha ;) today.
Third, I am starving..and Nicole (GA St.) thanks ma'am. Everything you said really meant alot because I am not OJ'n when I say I suck at writing a paper. Ask my former Lit. and AP teachers. My southern accent sometimes slip through the pencil led right into those margins, smh. I passed English1 with a decent B+ first semester...because my skills lacked,;) but I am in love with my spellcheck. So lets get through all of this Spaghetti junction and lets love...laugh and enjoy life.Remember this? Don't be an E-Ballllerr Love Muffins....



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