Mama wants me to get a 9 to 5

IHMDJ Changed my mind! I Hate My Day Job...with a name like that for a brand you are Unemployment Bound but Stylinnnnn. I love this brand! The concept, the colors, and quality. It's giving monster.com competition because i said EFF a job! :| Not jk-ing.

This has to be one of my favorite tees of all time. Freaknik 93?! WHAT?! I was three then...no lie..and grew up craving my owe'd experience here in the A for Freaknik in the 90s. lol Then, I was like six years old dreaming to grab a tee with foul lingo, half naked ppl, and the motherland's colorway. Man...if it's one thing, ATLANTA owes me back my 90s! Til then...I reminisce..

Lock up those laces!



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