YES i decided to leave the state of GA to attend school in florida, i felt like it was time for change. I enjoyed meeting the wonderful&intriguing individuals i had the opportunity of meeting during my time spent @ AI, with CHAS being one them!!!! ;)
I also learned that attending school for FASHION wasn't what i had in mind anymore, DON'T get me WRONG the fashion industry is still my main goal!!!! BUT in today's society one does not have to have a degree in fashion to accomplish goals in the industry. So thats why i chose to attend an HBCU to gain a college experience, to pledge, and meet people who could possibly become an asset to my life & journey.
So i decided to choose a place not too far from home as well as a place where the weather is warm and has one thing i love most, THE BEACH!!!!!
[Bethune Cookman University]
ive decided that having a degree in something related to all your interests is the best way to go......so i chose Sociology, because it intertwines with both fashion&communications, social skills are important when working with individuals, running businesses, as well as marketing/advirtising.
Im all about traveling, so by my sophomore or junior yr. i do plan on transferring to another university, maybe hampton or howard, or who knows maybe back home MAYBE NOT.
GRAD SCHOOL=my first choice......FIT
[study there for about 2 yrs. & live the new york life for a few years....THEN ITS OFF TO JAPAN]
are u willing to continue on this JOURNEY with me, because im prepared&ready



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