Hey Fellas?

Ok Im always rambling about a guy who cannot dress. It bothers me...seriously. A man's attire is so easy to put together for this reason and this reason only: He's not a woman. His selection is always easy and full. As a plan B in my life of "what to be when I grow up" (if possible) I'd take on the career as a male stylist only for the Fall/Winter seasons as strange as that may seem(lol). So for this season I picked out some of my current favorites to see a guy in:
Cash/silk Varsity sweater by B.son

All occasion coat by Opening Ceremony

Angle zip hoody by Shades of greige

Peacoat Shades of greige

V-neck pullover by 3.1 Philip Lim

Red bomber Jacket by Surface to air

what's a top without a bottom? (i love a guy in Nudies :/)
Even Steven Nudie

Slim Jim Japan Nudie

Afterschool Thunder Ksubi

Hoboken dark dancer Julian Red

And for the feet...fellas tie up with some Common Projects, Y-3, Umbro by Kim Jones,Visvims, YMC or Generic Men. :)

Also there are alternative brands! Do not slut with the thought of dressing yourselves by Labels. I was just browsing these looks... and even myself, as a female, do not dress by labels (sometimes). A good look=a good guy, props to my own father.

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