My Brain and Tongue Just Met

Okay so here I am...Sunday night with pt.II of Determination. The weekend is at it's own ends..and most of my friends are on their ways back to college because the vacation is up. And myself? I'm here...back at home. Many may call me stubborn for not wanting to continue as a "Fashion Major", since I practically live for it (sometimes),but I wasn't getting anywhere! So now I'm in my process of transferring..not only to a different school for a different study.. but for a different (if not better) mindset. Honestly, I was feeling like Ye' in my fashion classes...you can't tell NOTHIN new about threads. However, I will miss the "I ten by ten" texts from Kelly (aka The Grinch...lmao!)at 9 in the AM for a ride in the GT Continental to school. Not to forget..us always being on the lookout for Neffy (Keyshia Cole's sister) at the Georgia Toll. -sigh- Oh well. I wish yall (Jeremy,Ken,Kelly,Rhayne) well this semester! And I raise my Starbucks coffee drink to ya for those upcoming 4 hour 2/3D Design drawing classes, because you'll need it for those 8 o'clock classes. See ya in the limelight on Friday!
P.S. I am still after that janitor/clerk at AI...tell her old behind I haven't lost track or touch with her hateful self...do not let me catch her at NorthAve or at MP!

ugh jk in my seriousness.



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