The Monster

Last summer, in a conversation with my crony, i explained to him that i was working on a monster. No ladies and Gents, not Franskentein or Dracula but my monster would be equally as vicious. My monster would be the combination of earthly possessions that to me would represent the culmination of the illest man Martin Luther King died for, as i sometimes refer to myself as..i digress. This monster would consist of , in an abridged form: fly sneakers well constructed denim and tee's from labels such as Neighborhood or Visvim. The sneakers would most often be NIkes or Jordans. Though such may appear cliche, Nike's position in the land of legends is solidified. There is no shaking the fact that Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, with the help of choice Athletes such as Mike jordan and Agassi, have established the most respected brand in the history of sports apparel. Even further, Nike was crowned by inhabitants of the hood in the 80's and 90's and i dont mean the 80's and 90's as portrayed by wack ass retro kids, i mean the 80's and 90's that homed the success of Michael Jordan's Street approved success and its direct correlation to armed robbery that took place in order to attain the sneakers that he wore. Jordans will forever be the dopest sneakers purchasable for that fact. The fact that they are legendary. The jeans on my monster would be A.P.C.. Diors are cool but Hedi Slimane modeled Diors after A.p.c.'s anyway. Skip the Middle Man. The illest Brands away from Denim and sneakers were and still are Neighborhood, Base Control, Supreme, Gucci, LV, American Apparel(best fit),YSL, Bathing Ape, Comme des Garcon, Raf Simmons, visvim, Nom de Guerre and polo. I decided to Cap off this monster with Gold Fronts....24 of them(i didnt get 24 due to financial short-comings). Why? (many of you have asked). The answer is extremely simple. I was born into a hood that goes by the name of Wesley Chapel in East Atlanta. i have not forgotten. Gold fronts there and pretty much everywhere south of Virginia are a symbol of success. its just what is done, once you are able to do so. is it right for my denim to be Japanese, my sneakers manufactured by Foreigners, but have nothing that represents where my seed was planted? No, it wouldn't be. Diversity=dopeness (my spellcheck says that is not a word). To be honest i shouldnt have published this because of my monster's incompletion however i am working avidly and it shouldn't make a difference. Please read this blog daily for its nutritional value. if you refuse, then ask not why the world is malnourished.





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