So after having a heart to heart with a co-worker lastnight year on success and happiness. I took her advice on ways to start a business. Step 1: Educate yourself. For Christmas I asked for books instead of the normal materialistic wants I usually crave. And mind you...it was not easy. However, how could I appreciate her advice without taking it in vain? Now Im relying on philosphers instead of professors. The book Im reading now...is one I will most definitely blog on (without giving it's title away so fast..) to share a squirt of knowledge you won't obtain in your everyday classrooms. And as I read more and more into this book, I keep questioning why don't they teach this in classrooms? Then again...what do I expect...especially when they're too scared to mention Jeseus name in the classrooms as well. America is so twisted. The only way to keep the mind strong and healthy is to READ. It's very fundamental and could even actually save lives if many took it to their advantage. So at 18..money hungry..and a little amp'd, Im now taking it to my advantage to start educating myself and sticking with my vision.

"I dream my painting and paint my dream"-Vincent Van Gogh



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