Chi-Town's REAL Finest

Lastnight while flipping through channels, I came across the show "Gangland" on the History Channel. What I witnessed for exactly one hour of tuning in with the idiot box was pure art to the mind. The Black P Nation.

I don't care what anyone says, Jeff Fort was a genius. Now genius's intentions are not always the right ones but this brotha was intelligent and knew how to work the system in ways he could've probably been one of America's most powerful political forces to mold history.
The Black P Nation..honestly started as a movement in the 1960s. And like they tried to exploit the Panthers...deep down I felt the narrators on the History channel was focused more on the "gang" portion than the brilliant mind Fort had between his ears for a dose of power. He was a born leader..no question about that. I learned alot in this one hour about the nation and thought to myself "Wow...in numbers we are really strong."
It's alot for me to summarize on the nation itself, but the history behind one of Chicago's most infamous organizations is really breath taking. I don't support any of the later crimes and twists Fort had plotted out, but I was impressed by his ethics as well as his determination and skill.
So...my reason for sharing this scattered brain experience from the idiot box to you was only for you to think. Think about your purpose in life as of now. Are you a born leader? And if so, what intentions do you have for your followers? It's only when parallels touch (I always say) when you're not capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Having the mindset of a King and Queen verses being peasants is all in your control. However,when you do have power...it is not your iron fist, blissful words, nor treasures that will place you above everyone else...it is your will to help, your skill of mind, and the beat of a loving heart that will grant your Black diamonds and pearls. Only if you choose, that is..to rule the world...in numbers.

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