A Strangr's Love for 3 Stripes

Top 5 sneakers you dont have to remind me..Top 5 sneakers you gotta rewind 3.

3 stripes that is..HANDS DOWN. Adidas is my top favorite sneaker brand in my closet, under my bed, and in my basement. I've always had a special love for 3 stripes. I would trade you any sneaker of mine..yes any..for a dope pair of Adidas. I wish I wouldve started my collection off with Adidas years ago, but I was too young then. At the age of 12 I was more into the latest 2-3's being on my feet than the art behind a pair of Adidas. C'mon now, I am aware of Nike and Jordan being legendary brands, but you cannot cast out Adidas. Personally, I put Adidas over both because with my image it just seems right. *shrugs* Out of all the sneakers I've flipped or will ever flip, none will never be a pair of Adidas. Just not in my heart to do so. I can single out 33 pairs alone under one Adidas sub-category that'll hurt most collections. And that's the late Adidas Consortium Pack. The strongest limited edition..
Oddity Confusion

Hidden Messages-Brail joints?! c'mon now, thats crazy and the sign language pair.

Reptile-Big love for this style especially after the lime green Americana Lux's.

World Poker Series

Nature-The Lady Bugs omg..check out the details on the Honeybees.

The Force-Star Warrrrrrssss


Trust me,there's plenty more..Neighborhood even teamed up with Adidas for the Consortium pack which can be found on FC's site. Also there's the Color Theory and Money Forum Hi and Low limited pairs that's out and too much more for me to name. How can you not say you a true head for three stripes?!? Im insulted. lol Just don't say I'm not one. I'll bring out the pairs..

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