Give him Head til' his Nose Bled!

And I snapped my fingers nd rolled my kneck...Only to see I was finally granted soMe RESPECT!
- COrpOrate America has opened its doors..Not to FashiiOn, but politely something more...I'm sure we all want to be our own Boss!!!
Career choices are a must..nd this one has me at a lOst..
Hospital..Juice..but a salary worthy of much...its heart whelming
:omarion voice: "Touch!"
DoOOm doOOm duhn duhn!...My dream..is MilaN, TokyO..even LondOn..to suprise...I'm striving ..to intoxicate this ambission..the Best things....its my primary INTUiiTiiON!..
A Hundred Times this deep...nd Now CReaTiiViiTy..
"Put me tO sleep"
- cheaaaaaaaaaaaa
- JeeeeeeeeZay!



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