Dear Friend,

I wish you well, good health, and happiness in your new journey. The idea of college itself is something we both dislike sometimes, but learning something new...anything new...just makes us wiser. Not our IQ..our GPA..our standardized test scores. Not even placing us in the category of "smart" to classify or justify the concept of wisdom. It's only our will and mind strength to seek wisdom that makes us wiser. After reading the book of Proverbs..Solomon expresses that where there is no vision, the people will perish. It takes a wise person to stick with their vision despite what hinders may come in the way..what obstacles may try to trip you up..or what people may misguide and bare false witnesses to break your path down for your vision. Because it's those hinders that God himself accomplished in days and nights,because his great vision of the Heavens took more than one night. Because it's those obstacles that God plants widsom in the sole of your feet that will strengthen each of your steps. Because it's those people who don't believe in their own visions and won't believe in yours, that God uses to test you to see if you believe in him. Walking in wisdom..period..prevents the feet from stumbling.And since I recognized an innovative person within the matters of a first impression..how could I call myself a friend if I didn't take the time to share with you this feed of thought? It's so easy to say "goodluck" to another but it just doesn't summarize the great blessings I wish for you as a friend. So friend, love wisdom...because from the Book of Proverbs I learned she is more precious than rubies and all things people desire cannot be compared to her. You will do well, accomplish more, pledge, and go to grad school or anywhere else you want to in life because when the Sun gets mistaken in the Moon's light or the Moon gets tide up in the Sun's light...you'll always have the stars. God bless...beech. (lol don't worry..God knows my heart well enough to know I do not slut in my expressions of His). ;)



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