2009 is Oprah's Year

Well Im pretty sure every year is Oprah's year...hell I wouldnt be surprised if she wrote a check to God and asked could she buy a couple of years. Her money is religious like that. Next year though, it's official, Oprah Winfrey will have her own network that'll be viewed in over 70 million homes. Now Im all for you mimicing your favorite rapper on his illusion of getting paid but when he gets his own network and can have a least a billion to join this woman's book club let me know. Wait no...when he can atleast be featured on her show, let me know, lmao. Her network will replace the Discovery Health Network. Discovery communications itself owns 13 networks in the U.S. alone. And you want to talk money? Also as you all may know Winfrey once was an investor of the Oxygen network but she felt it did not reflect her voice. She wants editorial control. Again, you want to talk money? pshtt, FUCK YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER when it comes to money...dummies.



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