Christina Scarbo

Better known as "Kit Pistol" has the dopest name for a brand in my opinion, literally. However she know she was wrong for that Avangaurd look some episodes back...i concured with Tim Gunn (the oldest gay white man in the world...gayer than Oprah i might add) to say it was hideous. Girl...Anyway, while in my legion of boredom today I decided to browse ol' girl's site and I must say...she's really a genuine person, after viewing the blog. Her stuff is on point..I kind of wanted to see her go farther on PR but like she said herself, she has a name outside of that. And much respect to her. The bow-tie hair clips are cu-te. Ladies before you go throwed neck on the shop portion of her site please..please at least have hair to purchase a hair clip. "I'm just sayin doe!" Kidding in that seriousness. More of KP :



Christina Scarbo has been doing big things. Most of her stuff is dope and I love the idea behind her whole line. Don't sleep on her Tim Gunn! Don't sleep on her!
For more insight on her collection and for sale items go Here



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