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So as one of my classes this semester, i have Religion & Philosophy, remind u im a Sociology major so this all corresponds to eachother in some form or fashion. They seem to be very contradicting in some sense which makes it more and more interesting each time i am given an assignment. ANYWAYS.....my first chapter to read was "Does GOD Exist", i found myself in a state of mind where i couldnt decide how i looked @ things anymore, there were 3 essays that 3 philosophers wrote to help the BEING understand and choose which affiliation they feel as if they are apart of. Something that most don't know as i didn't, is that there are two kinds of THEIST. One who BELIEVES IN GOD, that he is responsible for everything in this world, and bases EVERYTHING on cause & effect. And the other BELIEVES IN GOD as well BUT solely thinks that the world is created by this wise and powerful DESIGNER. Then u have the Athiest, one who believes that as time progressed the existance of GOD decreased, which means they DO NOT BELIEVE in GOD.
I mean what do you believe? how do you feel about this topic?
any questions???



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