From Baby Fat Til We Skeletons Darling

Smh...That cd is a true classic. Anyway I've been tardy plus absent for the last few days. My throat is KILLING ME! And I have the cough of a 92 year old women who've been smoking cigs for 91 of those years. Im sick. However today ATLANTA I will be downtown...Lenox way...Five points way..that's a black maybe though too. On top of it all Saturday, we're suppose to be getting more snow?! (in my ghetto voice) See uh-un. At first the snow was cute but uh-un. (lol) My chest feels like it's about to collapse. Idk. But hey! I will be with my favvvvvvvooooorite group of hoo-la-gins today. Im over-joyed. I know they'll probably get on my eyebrows before welcome hugs though. Haha. Yall should really see my eyebrows though...lol they have not been waxed since...since...right that long. -Sigh- I'll try to get them done for MLK Holiday. Smh...that's the least I could do for the brotha. The great Dr.King. And..I wonder...what would Martin Luther King say about my eyebrows? Lol I won't even continue with that though. Well Im glad to get up out of my leigon...I hold myself captive here all throughout the week because the world is crazy. Literally...What's goin' on? I was hurt yesterday when I found out two cops were ambushed and killed. Damn, both left behind four kids. How is it easy for anyone to want to have hopes of tomorrow? That's why I always say...for every day, a little prayer and a side of faith outweighs hope. I don't even believe in hope anymore...HBCU's aren't even guaranteed HOPE (GA Lottery Scholarship given to only public schools in the sate). So folks...this weekend...enjoy yourselves..enjoy life. Help ya mama out around the house. Give ya daddy a call. Kiss ya grandma on the cheek, it makes her feel good. Hug ya sista...hug ya brotha. Say hello to ya neighbors. Tell ya friend(s) how much you really care and that your intentions are good. Because this thing we got for free (life)... people are killing it for a price. In a matter of seconds...years are taken away. Families are torn. Lovers are gone. Fighters are weak. This weekend will be some weak ends. So just love and embrace peace. I'll leave you a pic I took last year and in all recommends... PEACE!

P.S. I miss ya too Darnesha ;)

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