Strangr Tuesday

Well as we all know today was Super Tuesday, voting day in many states for the primary election. And hell yea I voted at 9 in the AM. I was so tired..being out of school for nearly 2 months with no reason to get up before 1 in the PM is not easy. Anyway, amongst the voting...I had a chance to take care of other important things.
Here's a small re-cap:

Started off with an early reminder (of course half of my friends did not vote today but hey we'll get em November right!?)

selected tunes to get me up & moving

it was a random breakfast for me but good $hit!

and so it was time to go vote! I was so tired, disregard my stance I was probably textin rhayne.

and it was that easy! the stares I got at the voting poll made me feel real good. Because they were pure stares of excitement. Faces filled with joy to see young people actually voting. I got "omg you're only a baby!" and "wow you're so young!" that moment...those 5 minutes...is something I'll never forget. Here we are getting up super early and rushing to get off work all hoping for a simple change. As a voter... a black voter, I encourage ALL to vote. Who cares who you're voting for?! Hell I don't just make the initative. It is so easy to go to that club and even that party we live for but young people lets be larger than that come 08! You can say to hell to the government, but do NOT say it in a small voice. GET LARGE & VOTE COME NOVEMBER!

We then made our way to get me back into school, which also felt good. After that my mom decided to go car shopping and realized she owes herself a BMW. Im seriously trying to get to her level one day.lol To up and randomly say "I owe myself a bmw." Anyway we ended today at an ATLien's favorite spot to eat. And trust me when I say...you are NOT from GA if you do not enjoy the...

Happy Voting!



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